Amaranth Oil: Reviews, Application, Contraindications

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Amaranth Oil: Reviews, Application, Contraindications
Amaranth Oil: Reviews, Application, Contraindications

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The amaranth plant has been considered an assistant in promoting health and longevity for many centuries. Europeans mainly use it as a raw material for the production of nutrients. And in Russia, the most popular is the etheric little obtained from this plant.

Amaranth oil: reviews, application, contraindications
Amaranth oil: reviews, application, contraindications


One of the most important substances in amaranth oil is squalene, which helps slow down the aging process of the skin, due to its ability to retain the optimal amount of moisture in the epidermis. In addition, the substance has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect. Squalene is found in the skin, but its concentration begins to decline after 25-26, so it would be unwise to neglect its additional source.

Amaranth oil is unique in its concentration of vitamin E, a well-known beauty antioxidant. In addition to the ability to maintain skin tone, it protects the eyes and the entire body from the harmful effects of hazardous substances in the environment. In addition, vitamin E reduces the likelihood of cancer.

Amaranth oil is also relevant for those who dream of losing weight. After all, it contains a large amount of phospholipids that accelerate metabolism and regulate fat metabolism. These substances are also indispensable for the diet of patients with diabetes mellitus, since they regulate insulin levels.

For people who dream not only of losing weight, but also of acquiring a relief body, amaranth oil is also useful because it contains sterols - substances that are added to energy products to adapt the body to increased physical activity.

It is equally important that the butter contains a high concentration of calcium, which exceeds the fullness of whole milk. This criterion makes the oil universal, because calcium is necessary for children for active growth, for pregnant women for the correct maturation of the fetus, and for the elderly to maintain the strength of bones and spine.

Indications for use

The use of amaranth oil for medicinal purposes is suitable for those who suffer from anemia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart disease and dental disorders.

For prevention purposes, the oil can be used by those who want to avoid blood clots, exacerbation of ulcers and obesity. Accelerated recovery is guaranteed when this useful remedy is included in the diet for those who treat sexual ailments, visual impairment and the nervous system. Do not forget that the daily allowance should not exceed a tablespoon, and the treatment should take more than 2 weeks.


In addition to individual intolerance to the components of the oil, no special contraindications for its use were found. However, you need to be careful to include it in the diet for people suffering from pancreatic diseases, pancreatitis and high cholesterol.


Despite the fact that everyone has different tastes, reviews of amaranth oil are mostly positive. The only exceptions are those consumers who inadvertently bought fakes. Also disappointed were those who expected an instant result, forgetting about the systematic use.

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