Where In Kharkiv You Can Get Tested For HIV

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Where In Kharkiv You Can Get Tested For HIV
Where In Kharkiv You Can Get Tested For HIV

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An HIV test in Kharkiv can be taken both free of charge at the district clinic and paid at medical centers. For a free analysis, you should go to an infectious disease specialist at your clinic, fill out a special form and donate blood or go to a specialized AIDS center.

HIV test in Kharkov
HIV test in Kharkov

General information about HIV infection

The disease is not transmitted by household means, you can get infected through the womb of an infected mother, blood (transfusion, non-sterile instrument, skin damage) and sexually. The first symptoms of the disease are general weakness of the body, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes. For the treatment of HIV infection, special medications have been produced that have been used since 1996. Since 2004, medicines have been provided free of charge in Ukraine. There is no vaccine against HIV disease yet. On the round-the-clock all-Ukrainian helpline on HIV infection and AIDS 0 (800) 500 45 10, you can get advice and answers to your questions about the disease. Proper treatment will prevent the disease from progressing to the AIDS stage.

Trust offices in Kharkov

In many cities and regional centers of Ukraine, there are trust offices, where, according to the law, everyone who wishes is obliged to anonymously and free of charge do an HIV test. Such offices work at specialized AIDS centers.

An HIV test result can be positive, negative and questionable. The latter option means that not all markers of the virus are in the blood.

In Kharkov, such an analysis is taken at the Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, which is located at 6 Borby Street at the Marshal Zhukova metro station. The laboratory is open daily, except Sunday, from 08:00 to 15:00. The reception phone number is (057) 392 29 83, the reception number is (057) 392 09 08. Your questions and complaints can be sent to the center's e-mail address - [email protected] On the official website aids.kharkov.ua you can familiarize yourself with the rules and schedule of the medical center.

Also, each polyclinic at the place of residence takes an HIV antibody test. If there is a fear that everyone will find out about the test or about its positive outcome, then in Ukraine there is a law that provides for the criminal liability of medical workers for disclosing a patient's diagnosis.

Private clinics accepting analysis

The medical center for diagnosis and treatment "La Vita Sana" is doing an HIV test. The procedure costs 200 hryvnia. The clinic is located at 126 Traktorostroiteley Avenue, telephone - (057) 364 05 23.

On the street Chernyshevskaya, 27 is the Anonymous office number 2, where in-depth and comprehensive examinations are carried out. Here you can also take an express HIV test. The office phone number is (067) 911 85 54, by which you can find out the laboratory schedule and how much the analysis costs.

With a positive and questionable reaction, the term for issuing a ready-made analysis is increased to two weeks.

Several laboratories "Invitro" function in Kharkov - on Lenin Avenue and them. Freedom and along the streets of Heroes of Labor and Sumskaya. A single reference medical clinic - 0 (800) 50 90 90. The cost of the analysis is 75 hryvnia, another 15 hryvnia will be taken for taking blood from a vein. The analysis will be ready within 4 business days.

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