Where In Moscow To Get A Rubella Vaccine For An Adult

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Where In Moscow To Get A Rubella Vaccine For An Adult
Where In Moscow To Get A Rubella Vaccine For An Adult

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An adult is vaccinated against rubella if antibodies to the virus are not found in his blood. This vaccination is included in the national calendar and is done free of charge at your local polyclinic.

Rubella vaccine for adults
Rubella vaccine for adults

Where are they vaccinated?

If you need to get a rubella vaccine, you should contact your GP at your local health center.

There are five types of rubella vaccines in the world. These are Croatian, Indian, French Rudivax and two combined vaccines - Priorix and MMRII.

But often vaccines do not appear in the clinic and are not foreseen in the future. In such cases, people go to private medical centers. Only there you should go with a ready-made analysis for the absence of antibodies to rubella in the body.

The vaccine can be produced quickly and easily at the Central Vaccination Center. In this center, vaccinations are carried out with an international certificate, which is good when traveling abroad. The center is located on the street. Trubnaya, 19, building 1, information phone: +7 (495) 621 94 65. Here you can also call a doctor and get vaccinated at home. For this procedure, call +7 (495) 621 23 70. The center is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Every third Saturday of the month is a working day from 9:00 to 14:00.

An adult rubella vaccine can be delivered at the "Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums. Mechnikov ", located on the street. Small Kazenny lane, 5a. All your questions should be asked by phone +7 (495) 917 08 91. NIIViS works on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:30.

It is also proposed to vaccinate at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, in its subdivision, the Center for Molecular Diagnostics. You can make an appointment by calling the multichannel phone +7 (495) 788 00 01. The center is located on the street. Novogireevskaya, 3a. Questions should be asked to the email address - [email protected] The center is accepted by the center every day from 7:30, on weekdays it is open until 20:00, on Saturday until 19:00, on Sunday until 17:00.

You should call the center in advance and make an appointment. The therapist should measure the temperature, look at the general condition, and only then send for vaccination.

The price of vaccination and vaccination procedure does not exceed 1000 rubles. Of course, the vaccination can be done in private centers, cheaper and faster. But the state centers have an unshakable good reputation, many years of experience and inspire more confidence.

Preparing for vaccination

The rubella vaccine is given to women of childbearing age before a planned pregnancy and men under 40 to prevent the rubella virus from circulating in society.

If a person is allergic, has chronic diseases and neurological diseases, the vaccination should be done during the complete remission of the pathology and the condition after the injection should be monitored. After vaccination, women should not become pregnant for 3 months.

Vaccination is easily tolerated in case of a half-starved state and restriction of food intake, especially allergic ones. It is also necessary to minimize contact with people in order to avoid various colds.

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