How To Find A Dermatologist

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How To Find A Dermatologist
How To Find A Dermatologist

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A dermatologist is a specialist in the treatment of any skin diseases, of which there are more than 20 thousand. Most often, a dermatologist has two specializations - a dermatologist and a venereologist. All provided medical services are not subject to disclosure, so when visiting any doctor, you should not worry about it.

How to find a dermatologist
How to find a dermatologist

It is necessary

  • - medical policy (for free service);
  • - passport;
  • - insurance pension certificate;
  • - a receipt for payment (no more documents are needed for paid service).


Step 1

You can get the advice of a dermatologist or venereologist by contacting a medical policy at the polyclinic at your place of residence. Contact the reception, get a coupon, which will indicate the number of your queue, the time of admission, the number of the office and the full name of the specialist who will conduct the appointment.

Step 2

You can also apply out of turn by paying a certain amount, since all clinics conduct an additional paid admission. Go to the front desk, pay for the appointment and visit a specialist out of turn.

Step 3

In accordance with the amendments to the Federal Law on Medical Services to Residents of the Russian Federation, with a new policy, you can visit a dermatologist at any clinic throughout the Russian Federation. To do this, simply contact any clinic, regardless of place of residence and region of residence, present a medical insurance policy, pension insurance certificate and passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. If you do not have a Russian passport, since you have arrived in the country temporarily, but you have a temporary residence permit issued by the FUMS and a temporary medical policy, then you can get free medical services at any clinic in the Russian Federation.

Step 4

You can go to a dermatologist at any private clinic by simply paying for a visit to the doctor. If you do not have a medical policy and a residence permit in the Russian Federation, then you can visit a dermatologist not only in a paid clinic, but also in any clinic - just pay for a visit to the doctor.

Step 5

If you want to get an appointment with a very experienced dermatologist who has the highest category and degree of candidate or doctor of medical sciences, then ask your dermatologist at the clinic to write you a referral for a consultation at a leading medical center or regional clinic.

Step 6

Very often, dermatologists of the highest category work in private clinics, combining their main work. In addition, almost all private medical centers have a wide range of research equipment and the necessary reagents for all samples and analyzes. So which doctor you choose is up to you.

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