How To Change A Doctor

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How To Change A Doctor
How To Change A Doctor

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The attachment of houses to a specific site in a polyclinic and what the attending physician will get is beyond our control. It is good if you are lucky and the doctor turns out to be an attentive qualified specialist. But it so happens that the attending physician is not suitable for any reason. The schedule of his work may not be convenient or his professionalism is questioned. Or maybe you just did not find mutual understanding. Fortunately, current legislation gives us the right to independently choose a medical institution and a doctor.

How to change a doctor
How to change a doctor


Step 1

Select the doctor you want to see. To do this, collect reviews about various specialists of the clinic. Perhaps your friends or neighbors are happy with their doctor, or maybe other visitors to the clinic will recommend their doctor to you.

Step 2

Go to your chosen doctor and ask if you can become his patient. If there are no objective reasons for the refusal, such as the high workload of the doctor or the remoteness of your home from his main area, the answer is most likely yes.

Step 3

Write a statement to the head physician of the polyclinic, in which you indicate that you want to change the attending physician. The statement must be reasoned, it must include the name of the desired specialist and the reasons that prompted you to decide to change your doctor.

Step 4

If the head physician does not meet halfway, prepare a new application in duplicate, where once again indicate the reasons for refusing the old doctor. The application must be registered with the secretariat and assigned an incoming number. The second copy of the application remains with you, but make sure that the registration number is also affixed on it. Now you just have to wait for a written response from the management of the polyclinic. If a decision in your favor is still not made, a written refusal is the basis for contacting higher organizations, for example, the Department of Health.

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