How To Call An Ambulance

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How To Call An Ambulance
How To Call An Ambulance

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Severe traumatic brain injury, acute pain, massive bleeding and other life-threatening conditions require urgent medical attention. It is provided by employees of a special organization called "Ambulance". How do I call them?

How to call an ambulance
How to call an ambulance

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Step 1

To call an ambulance, dial 03 on your phone. If you are calling from a mobile and this combination of numbers is not supported by the operator, try dialing 030303 or 030. In case of a negative balance, you can call an ambulance by calling the United Rescue Service - 112.

Step 2

The dispatcher who answered the call will give his number or surname. Remember them, because in case of controversial or incomprehensible points, you will be able to present a claim to a specific person, and not to the entire ambulance service.

Step 3

Clearly and concisely describe to the dispatcher the situation that prompted you to seek help. Name the sex and age of the victim / sick person, main complaints, current condition. Dictate the address to which the medical team should go. If you are on the street or in an unknown area for you, what are the main landmarks by which the ambulance driver will find you. Leave your phone number to the dispatcher, he may be needed to clarify any details of the information.

Step 4

If you are in the apartment, clear the passage for the ambulance crew. Prepare a chair for a doctor or paramedic, a place for a bag with equipment and medicines. Find the patient's medical records, cardiograms. Remember the names of the drugs that he constantly takes, as well as the drugs to which an allergic reaction has occurred. Record the information on paper to tell your doctor.

Step 5

Meet the ambulance staff near the entrance, if possible.

Step 6

Answer honestly all questions asked by health workers. Do not hide the fact of alcohol, drug abuse, registration in a neuropsychiatric dispensary. Describe all the circumstances that preceded the deterioration of the condition. If before the arrival of specialists you tried to help a person on your own, inform your doctor or paramedic about this.

Step 7

Be polite. Remember that the state of health of the victim depends on the ambulance staff.

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