Where Is The Most Accurate HIV Test Done?

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Where Is The Most Accurate HIV Test Done?
Where Is The Most Accurate HIV Test Done?
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Sometimes people do not know their HIV status, but are afraid to get tested. They prefer to live in obscurity, because the negligible likelihood of having a virus in their own body scares them even more. Many do not even know where to get tested for HIV.

Where is the most accurate HIV test done?
Where is the most accurate HIV test done?

Even today, some people continue to believe that only those individuals who lead an asocial lifestyle can become infected with HIV. A person is sure that he does not have HIV if he did not take drugs, did not engage in promiscuous sex and did not get tattoos in unsanitary conditions. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of HIV infection both in the manicure office and at the dentist, and as a result of an accidental injection of a syringe thrown by someone on the needle. You don't need to close your eyes to this problem, because in order to exclude the presence of the virus in your blood, it is enough to undergo an HIV test.

Where to go for an HIV test?

Both in megalopolises and in small cities located in all regions of Russia, there are many laboratories where you can take an HIV test and get reliable results. It is important that in many of them you can take this test anonymously, without giving anyone any of your documents and without even giving your name. This measure is justified, because in the case of the presence of a virus in the patient's blood, the disclosure of this fact, accidental or deliberate, can break his whole life.

To find out where in your city you can get tested for HIV, call the HIV / AIDS hotline, where you can get answers to your questions anonymously and completely free of charge. If you need psychological support, both before and after your test, most HIV-related healthcare organizations have an experienced psychologist on their staff.

In addition, you can get tested for the presence of HIV in your blood at one of the popular networked laboratories. The most famous and well-deserved trust of them is Citylab.

Is a positive HIV test a verdict?

It is important to know that no matter how good the reputation of the laboratory in which you take the analysis is, in rare cases everyone has mistakes. This is not even about the carelessness or criminal negligence of the laboratory assistant. According to statistics, in about one out of a hundred, the result of a blood test for HIV may be false positive. That is why, in the case of a positive reaction, a more detailed blood test is done, the so-called immunoblot. It guarantees almost one hundred percent reliability of the analysis, and based on its results, a diagnosis is made.

It is necessary for every person to know their HIV status in order to rationally and rationally plan their life. Even if HIV infection is detected, timely implementation of competent therapy allows a person to live a full life for many years.

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