How To Get A Certificate Of Disability

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How To Get A Certificate Of Disability
How To Get A Certificate Of Disability

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The main indications for recognizing a person as a disabled person are violations of his health, which led to the complete or partial limitation of his life. Currently, instead of the term “disabled”, “person with disabilities” is used.

How to get a certificate of disability
How to get a certificate of disability


Step 1

To obtain a certificate of disability, a citizen must undergo a medical and social examination. To do this, contact the medical institution at your place of residence, this organization, after the necessary diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation programs, will send you for an examination. You can also contact the body that carries out pensions or the bodies of social protection of the population. All of them have the right to give directions for a medical and social examination of a citizen who has signs of limitation of vital activity if he has medical certificates confirming the violation of the functioning of the body.

Step 2

Having received a referral from any of the indicated institutions, make sure that the form is filled out correctly - it contains data on the state of health, reflects the degree of dysfunctions of the body, the results of rehabilitation measures. The referral form is standard and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. If any of these institutions refused to issue you a referral for a medical and social examination, ask them for a certificate of this. On its basis, you can apply to the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise on your own.

Step 3

Contact the bureau of medical and social expertise at your place of residence or stay. Make a written application for assignment of a disability group, attach the received referral and medical documents. You will be assigned the day of the examination. The specialists of the bureau will conduct it. They will study the documents, conduct examinations, while they are required to keep a protocol. After the examination, specialists will make a decision on recognizing a citizen as a disabled person or on refusing recognition.

Step 4

On the basis of the examination protocol and the decision of the bureau's specialists, an act is drawn up, which is signed by all involved persons and certified with a seal. If a citizen is recognized as a disabled person, he is issued a certificate indicating the disability group, confirming this fact.

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