How To Teach Disabled Children

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How To Teach Disabled Children
How To Teach Disabled Children

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Children with disabilities (disabilities) require increased attention. The upbringing and training of such children presents certain difficulties. The harmonious development of children with disabilities is a serious pedagogical task.

How to teach disabled children
How to teach disabled children


Step 1

Children with disabilities have varying degrees of disability. Some are children with congenital physical disabilities and mentally retarded children. Others have become disabled as a result of prolonged illness. Depending on the degree and severity of the disability, the child can study in a regular general education school, in a correctional class or educational institution, and individually at home.

Step 2

Contact your local education authorities and go through a commission there with your child. After that, specialists and methodologists will determine the type of educational standard. It depends on the degree of disability. But remember: the last word (agreement / disagreement) with the proposed type of education remains with the parents.

Step 3

Contact with peers is very important for a child with disabilities. This contributes to better socialization afterwards. Therefore, if possible, a disabled child enrolls in a regular school together with healthy children. Unfortunately, with very rare exceptions, educational institutions are not equipped with the most necessary things: wheelchair ramps, elevators and specially equipped toilets; there are also no professional psychologists in the field of special and clinical psychology.

Step 4

If in your area there is no general education school in which the child would be comfortable, then it is possible to study in a specialized school or boarding school. There are some for children with impaired vision / hearing, patients with cerebral palsy.

Step 5

Distance learning for children with disabilities is becoming widespread. This method is provided for children who find it problematic to leave the house. Each such child is given the Internet at home and a computer is installed with a set of special equipment, depending on the disease. Computers are also installed in schools where teachers work with disabled children. Communication between the teacher and the student takes place via Skype. Children listen to the explanations and report on the assignments they have completed.

Step 6

In the most difficult case, the specialists of the education department discuss with the parents what and how to teach the child with disabilities, and draw up a contract for educational services.

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