How To Hire A Disabled Person

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How To Hire A Disabled Person
How To Hire A Disabled Person

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Hiring a disabled person has its own individual characteristics. The position must correspond to the labor opportunities and state of health of a person who has partially lost his ability to work. To apply for employment, familiarize yourself with the basic laws governing the work of people with disabilities.

How to hire a disabled person
How to hire a disabled person

It is necessary

  • - Help No. 1503004;
  • - rehabilitation program for a disabled person;
  • - employee documents (passport, work book, TIN, pension insurance certificate);
  • - documents on the education and qualifications of the employee;
  • - sanitary book (when working in the food industry);
  • - contract;
  • - order;
  • - job description.


Step 1

The status of disabled people is determined by Federal Law 181-F3 of November 24, 1995. The disability and the group are given by medical and social expert commissions. Article 20 of Federal Law 181-F3 directly states that all constituent entities of the Russian Federation should in every possible way promote the employment of disabled people and encourage the employer with tax benefits when hiring persons with the status of a disabled person, as well as establish quotas for the percentage of employment of disabled people in an organization of more than 100 people …

Step 2

If you refuse to hire a disabled person, this will result in an administrative fine of RUB 3,000. Moreover, some people with disabilities have much higher qualifications than healthy employees and work much more efficiently, since work for them is a part of social rehabilitation and the main goal in life.

Step 3

When hiring a disabled person, read the certificate form 1503004, confirming the status and group of disability. This document specifies the degree of limitation of performance. Ask for a rehabilitation program, since in accordance with this program you are required to create the necessary conditions for work (Article 23 of Federal Law 181-F3). You only need to familiarize yourself with these documents, they will be kept by the disabled person.

Step 4

In addition to these two additional documents, ask for the main documents required for regular employment. According to article 65 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, you are required to request an identity document, work book, TIN, pension insurance certificate, documents on education and qualifications. If the job is related to the food industry, ask for a health certificate. If the employee does not have a work record due to the fact that he is getting a job for the first time or the document is lost, damaged, fill out a new work book and make a request to the labor disqualification commission. This is only necessary if you are hiring a disabled person for the position of chief accountant, director or general director.

Step 5

Draw up an employment contract as in ordinary employment or, at the request of a disabled person, add additional conditions to it. The law provides that, at the request of a disabled person, a shortened working week or working day (Federal Law 181 and Article 92 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation), a ban on working at night and overtime (Articles 96 and 99 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation) can be established. A prerequisite is the clause on leave of 30 days (Federal Law 181) and on the possibility of taking leave without pay for 60 days (Article 128 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). There are no more special features, and if a person can work full time, wants to work at night or overtime, then you have no right to refuse him. Just get written consent to work overtime and night shifts.

Step 6

After signing the employment contract, issue an order, familiarize the employee with labor duties and job descriptions.

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