How To Get A Disabled Person To Work

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How To Get A Disabled Person To Work
How To Get A Disabled Person To Work

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Registration of a disabled person for work has its own specific features. The position for which he is registered must fully comply with his work capabilities and health, due to partial loss of working capacity. Therefore, when registering employment for a disabled person, carefully read the laws that regulate the labor activity of this part of the population.

How to get a disabled person to work
How to get a disabled person to work


Step 1

The disabled status is determined in accordance with the Federal Law of November 24, 1995. The disability and the corresponding group are assigned by physicians and social expert commissions. Remember that in accordance with Art. 20 of the Federal Law, all constituent entities of the Russian Federation are obliged to promote the employment of disabled people in any way, and the employer, in turn, to encourage for providing this employment.

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Therefore, by hiring a disabled person, you not only give him the opportunity to work, but also earn some benefits. However, remember that the government also sets certain quotas for the number of employees with limited working capacity, as a percentage per 100 people.

Step 3

In addition, keep in mind that if you refuse to hire you, you violate the rights of people with disabilities and must pay an administrative fine of 3 thousand rubles. In addition, remember that physical defects cannot prevent a person from successfully demonstrating their professional skills, so sometimes hiring such an employee is much more profitable than a physically healthy, but unskilled person.

Step 4

When registering a disabled person for work, ask him for a certificate form 1503004, which is a confirmation of the status and group of disability. This document also contains restrictions on the performance of a disabled person. In addition, ask the employee to provide you with a rehabilitation program, according to which you will need to provide conditions for his activities (Article 23 of the Federal Law). These documents remain with the disabled person, you just have to familiarize yourself with them.

Step 5

All other documents are asked to be submitted in accordance with the standard rules for hiring. An employment contract is also drawn up in the usual way, except in cases where a disabled person needs a shorter week or a shorter working day. In this case, enter these conditions into the Employment Contract. After signing it, issue an order for hiring the employee, familiarize him with the responsibilities and provide all job descriptions.

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