How To Get Out Of Binge: Advice From Former Alcoholics

How To Get Out Of Binge: Advice From Former Alcoholics
How To Get Out Of Binge: Advice From Former Alcoholics

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The phrase "drunken alcoholic" is familiar to almost everyone in Russia, these people are found in many families or among friends. For such individuals, even one shot of vodka drunk is already a reason to go all out, not thinking about the consequences at all. It is very difficult for them to stop after the start of drinking, even if they want to, but it is possible. We will tell you how to get out of the binge on your own, without seeking help from doctors, without droppers and forced coding.

How to get out of a binge on your own
How to get out of a binge on your own

For those who are looking for advice on how to get out of the binge at home, traditional medicine and some medications will help. The most important thing to get a result in such a situation is the support of loved ones, faith in yourself and the desire to stop drinking. An excellent motivation will be the recommendations of former alcoholics who were able to quit the addiction to go into binge, returned to normal life.

Here are some of the tricks on how to get out of the binge at home on your own:

  • First of all, stock up on any drinks that can remove alcohol from the body in a natural way. Mineral water without gas, warm tea with lemon or honey, compotes, fruit drinks, herbal teas, jelly, milk, kefir will do.
  • Make sure that the home medicine cabinet contains remedies that can alleviate the condition when getting out of binge. These are Analgin, Citramon, Aspirin, Validol, Corvalol. Sorbents - Enterosgel, Polysorb-MP, Polyphepan will not interfere.
  • Move away alcoholic beverages (even beer), cigarettes, pills for insomnia.
  • Use traditional medicine recipes to get out of the binge on your own.

Tips on how to get out of binge drinking at home using folk remedies:

  1. Such drinks and products as cucumber pickle, orange and apple juices, beaten and salted raw egg, tea with lemon juice and honey, bitter coffee have proven themselves well in relieving hangover syndrome.
  2. With a strong hangover, a recipe with kefir will help. Mix 1 liter of water, 0.5 liters of kefir or koumiss, a teaspoon of granulated sugar, a pinch of salt. Drink the mixture in one gulp to remove toxins.
  3. A good effect in the withdrawal from binge gives a decoction of European clefthoof. The herb can be purchased at the pharmacy as a dried herb. The recipe is simple: pour a teaspoon of chopped clefthoof with a glass of boiling water, cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. We insist on the hour. The finished broth must be poured into vodka or other strong alcohol-containing drink at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 100 grams of alcohol. After several tricks, a persistent aversion to alcohol arises. The method can be used even without the knowledge of the alcoholic.
  4. Helps to sober up and get out of binge rosehip broth. 150 grams of dried or fresh berries are poured in a thermos with boiling water, infused overnight. In the morning they drink, adding to tea or juices. It is recommended to drink from 1 to 2 liters of broth per day to remove alcohol breakdown products from the body.
  5. The condition after a long booze will improve if you sleep it off, take a shower, drink mineral water without gas, then have a hearty lunch with meat soup or broth. An interesting movie, a walk, and a deep sleep after taking a bath with herbs will help you distract from thoughts of drinking.

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