How To Make A Dropper To Remove From Binge

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How To Make A Dropper To Remove From Binge
How To Make A Dropper To Remove From Binge

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Unfortunately, alcoholism is a common problem in Russia. And when a binge happens to a loved one, people make every effort to interrupt this binge. But how should you do it correctly and is it necessary at all?

You need to get out of the binge only under the supervision of a doctor
You need to get out of the binge only under the supervision of a doctor

Magic dropper

Many believe that a dropper is a salvation from everything, and the binge will immediately stop, and the person will immediately quit drinking, and he will take on a human appearance. This explains the popularity of such search queries as "how to put a drip at home", "what is included in the droppers from hard drinking" and the like. And you can find a lot of articles on this topic: they will suggest a recipe for magic droppers, an advertisement for a "pochmetologist", and phone numbers of services that go home to "dig up". But is it really that safe?

The composition of the droppers can be different - each doctor has his own miraculous recipe. Mixtures are made more often on the basis of sodium chloride 0.9%, less often on 5% glucose. You can mix anything into the dropper: vitamins, metabolites, antioxidants, ionic solutions. But to get out of the binge, you need sleeping pills. It makes no sense to put a dropper without sleeping pills: you can just as well just drink a liter of liquid - it doesn't really matter how the liquid enters the body. Only with sleeping pills the dropper can have an effect. But without a prescription, not a single sleeping pill can be bought, and no one will write a prescription for such a thing.

Secret dangers

Moreover, it is simply dangerous to put an IV drip without sleeping pills. The fact is that with a sharp exit from a binge, a person can develop the so-called delirium tremens. With prolonged hard drinking, alcohol is included in the activity of some organs and systems of the body, and has a damaging effect on the brain. With a sharp refusal from alcohol, metabolic processes are disrupted, the condition is aggravated by a deficiency of B vitamins and the interaction of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system is disrupted. Because of this, insomnia occurs, and against the background of insomnia, disturbing thoughts appear, hallucinations begin. In this state, a person is not responsible for his actions, and can do terrible things. And this condition can be provoked by the very dropper that was supposed to save from binge.

Even if there is a sleeping pill that can be added to the dropper, you cannot do it yourself: it is important to accurately calculate the dosage, taking into account the concomitant diseases, age, weight and degree of exhaustion of the body. If the sleeping pill is not given, then after the dropper the patient will walk like a crank bear, without sleep or rest, only with a heightened desire to drink. And if you overdose sleeping pills, then the person may not wake up.

There is an exit

It is for this reason that it is necessary to withdraw from binge only in a hospital setting, where the patient is under observation, psychotherapeutic conversations are held with him. Perhaps after them the drinking person will want not just to get out of the binge, but to be comprehensively treated for alcohol addiction.

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