How To Drink So As Not To Go Into A Binge

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How To Drink So As Not To Go Into A Binge
How To Drink So As Not To Go Into A Binge

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From a friendly party or pleasant gatherings in a warm company to a binge, a person is literally one step away. In the morning, the drinker is overtaken by a hangover, he drinks, and the holiday surrounds him again. And so on ad infinitum.

How to drink so as not to go into a binge
How to drink so as not to go into a binge

Another, no less rare, but even more dangerous example is the systematic relief of fatigue after working with alcohol. Over time, for some people, this lifestyle becomes habitual and turns into a real drunken alcoholism.

There is such an expression: "If there is a desire to drink, there is always a reason." Sometimes a person may not even notice how he ended up in such a state. And it's good if he starts to have questions: “how long has it been with me?”, “When will it end?”, “How could I have come to this?”. The search for answers leads to a reassessment of what is happening and the subsequent exit from the binge.

A person is not always able to independently accept the problem that has arisen. Even with full awareness of the situation, it is not easy to find a way out of this state - in addition to the physiological need of the body for alcohol, there is a psychological dependence. By getting rid of the desire to drink, you can overcome the body's need for continuous consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Binge reasons

After identifying the cause of alcoholism, it becomes possible to control your behavior. In some cases, prolonged holidays, for example, the New Year, can initiate a binge. Another reason is difficult circumstances, such as poverty, problems at work, setbacks in personal life, or the loss of a loved one.

How not to go into a binge after the holidays

If the binge has come because of the protracted holidays, there is an opportunity at one moment to simply give up alcohol. You can avoid the problem by analyzing your own behavior and highlighting the reasons that can provoke the long-term use of alcoholic beverages. For example, some people feel ashamed not to have a drink with friends. Someone thinks that without alcohol, the holiday can be ruined, while others just start drinking, not realizing the possible consequences.

To prevent binge drinking, you must adhere to several rules. First, if you are unable to give up alcohol, in no case drink on an empty stomach. Drinking drinks should be accompanied by a sufficient amount of food. Secondly, don't rush your drink too quickly. The first few drinks can be skipped, after which it will be easier to determine the correct rhythm for yourself. Third, it is advisable to move as much as possible. In a sedentary state, alcohol is slowly excreted from the body. Fourth, you shouldn't fight your hangover with another drink. This is what often leads to binge drinking.

How not to go into a binge under the pressure of life circumstances

If going into a binge is caused by difficult life circumstances, it becomes difficult to correct your own behavior. It is not always possible to find effective ways to combat the urge to drink in a timely manner. In such a situation, a person may need the support of family and friends. In some cases, you can resort to the help of a psychologist. The main thing is to notice the problem in time, and also not to associate stress relief with the intake of alcoholic beverages.

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