How To Remove A Hematoma Under The Eye

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How To Remove A Hematoma Under The Eye
How To Remove A Hematoma Under The Eye

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A hematoma forms as a result of injury or a ruptured blood vessel. It can occur in the skin or under it, in the muscle, above the periosteum, in the mucous membranes. Of course, if a bruise under the eye is formed as a result of a blow or a fall, it, in addition to painful sensations, also causes aesthetic discomfort.

How to remove a hematoma under the eye
How to remove a hematoma under the eye

It is necessary

  • - bodyag
  • - plantain leaf
  • - wormwood
  • - tincture of propolis on vodka
  • - onion
  • - aloe
  • - celandine
  • - beets
  • - calendula flowers


Step 1

After an impact, if a hematoma occurs, ensure yourself rest, apply ice to the damaged area.

Step 2

Bodyaga is considered the best and most effective remedy for bruises; many ointments have been prepared on its basis, which help to quickly remove hematomas from various parts of the body. Take thirty grams of chopped bodyagi and dilute it with fifteen grams of water. Knead everything well and make a cake. Apply it to the black eye. As soon as the water from this cake begins to evaporate, the action of the bodyagi will immediately begin. It is necessary to change the cake twice a day.

Step 3

Plantain leaf is not only good anti-inflammatory, but also pain reliever. Crush a fresh leaf of this plant, wrap it in a gauze cloth and apply to the hematoma under the eye. It is necessary to change the napkin with fresh plantain as the attached plant dries.

Step 4

Wormwood can help get rid of a bruise under the eye. Fresh wormwood herb must be crushed and then applied to the hematoma. If the bruise is very severe, apply a thick layer of grass. This remedy will perfectly help to get rid of not only hematoma under the eye, but also from bruises all over the body.

Step 5

Prepare a propolis tincture with vodka or purchase a ready-made one at the pharmacy. She can rub a bruise under the eye, lightly patting on the sore spot.

Step 6

Make a compress from the mashed onion. Just place the onion gruel in a gauze napkin and try to apply it so that the juice from the onion does not get into your eyes.

Step 7

Stir in a tablespoon of aloe gruel and fifteen grams of celandine herb. Add one small shredded beet to this mixture. Make a compress from the released juice. It is best applied overnight.

Step 8

Calendula will help get rid of the black eye. Boil thirty grams of calendula flowers for five minutes, let the broth infuse for half an hour. Then strain and make compresses from this product.

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