How To Quickly Remove Bruising And Swelling

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How To Quickly Remove Bruising And Swelling
How To Quickly Remove Bruising And Swelling

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The appearance of bruising and edema, which usually occurs after direct tissue injury, is quite unpleasant both from a cosmetic point of view and because of the pain that occurs when the injured muscles and subcutaneous tissue are compressed. Therefore, the search for a remedy that can reduce unpleasant symptoms has been going on for a very long time.

How to quickly remove bruising and swelling
How to quickly remove bruising and swelling

It is necessary

  • - ice;
  • - raw potatoes;
  • - bodyagi solution;
  • - special ointments (Troxevasin, Escin, Indovazin, Venitan).


Step 1

Use ice. It has been noticed that applying cold directly to the injured area of ​​the body can reduce the size of the hemorrhage. But it is important to apply the cold as early as possible, and be sure to wrap the ice in several layers of fabric, otherwise the situation may worsen significantly due to cold injury. In this case, the cold should be removed every 45-60 minutes, and again it can be applied after 10-15 minutes.

Step 2

Make sure that the patient does not have severe trauma to internal organs or a fracture, which are dangerous not only for the development of edema due to bleeding, but also for severe general disorders that require immediate medical attention.

Step 3

If the patient does not have signs of trauma to internal organs or a fracture, then in case of minor trauma, outpatient treatment may be limited, but if the condition worsens, it may be necessary to consult a surgeon or traumatologist. Usually, the exact volume and severity of the bruise becomes clear only a few hours after the injury, but measures must be taken immediately - this will reduce the time of treatment and the size of the hematoma.

Step 4

Particularly noteworthy are bruises that occur after minor injuries - this may indicate vascular diseases or pathology of the hematopoietic system. In this case, the establishment of the diagnosis and the appointment of treatment often depend on a timely visit to a doctor.

Step 5

In the absence of complications, use the means at hand. To reduce pain and swelling, grated raw potatoes, which cools the site of the appearance of a possible hematoma, helps to reduce pain and swelling, and the vitamins and trace elements contained in this gruel affect the state of the vascular wall. You can also use bodyagi solution, which is sold in every pharmacy.

Step 6

With a tendency to the rapid appearance of hematoma and edema at the site of injury, it is advisable to immediately lubricate the impact site with ointments, which include horse chestnut extracts or flavonoids (Troxevasin, Escin, Indovazin, Venitan). These ointments have a decongestant effect and shorten the blooming time of a bruise on the skin. Different people take different times to reduce the size of the bruise, and the use of ointments and gels, which include an extract from medicinal leeches, are effective.

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