Why Chills Occur

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Why Chills Occur
Why Chills Occur

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Chills are a condition in which a person feels cold regardless of the ambient temperature. It occurs due to spasms of blood vessels that penetrate the skin, and is accompanied by pallor of the skin, tremors, and the appearance of goose bumps.

Why chills occur
Why chills occur


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The most common cause of chills is an increase in body temperature. This can be due to infectious diseases, allergic reactions, serious injuries, etc. Fighting the virus, the body secretes special substances called pyrogens. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are able to independently destroy the pest only when the blood temperature rises. Also, during muscle contractions that occur with chills, a person produces a large amount of heat. The body is unable to give it to the environment, which leads to overheating.

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Some infectious diseases provoke an increase in temperature only 1-2 days after infection. The patient feels that he is shivering, but the thermometer at the same time shows normal values. This often happens with flu or SARS. The feeling of coldness in the hands and feet can be a symptom of diabetes mellitus or obliterating endarteritis (a disease that affects the blood vessels). People with vegetative-vascular dystonia or thyroid problems may occasionally feel chills even in a hot room. This is due to lost thermoregulation: the body is trying to cool the body, despite the fact that it is already cold.

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Chills are not always a signal of an emerging disease. It can be a reaction of the body to too long a stay in the cold. In this case, in addition to the feeling of coldness, blue lips and nails, pallor of the face are noted. Girls, who have been on strict diets for a long time and often, periodically encounter this symptom due to a slowdown in metabolic processes in the body. Unstable psyche, severe fright, stress, overexertion and lack of sleep can also cause chills. Thus, the body protects itself from environmental influences.

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When chills appear, a person needs to increase the amount of fluid they consume. Better if it is warm tea with raspberries or honey, lingonberry or cranberry juice. If the temperature is normal, you can take a hot bath or crawl under a warm blanket. Don't drink alcohol to keep yourself warm. Dilation of blood vessels and increased pressure can lead to dizziness and muscle weakness. When the body temperature rises above 38, 5 ° C, you can start taking antipyretic drugs. It is not recommended to wipe your body with cold water, alcohol or vinegar. This can only aggravate the situation.

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