The Most Effective Remedies For The Common Cold

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The Most Effective Remedies For The Common Cold
The Most Effective Remedies For The Common Cold

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Therapy of diseases of the nasopharynx should be carried out in a comprehensive manner. The effectiveness of treatment is largely determined by the quality of the drugs used, which help not only to relieve symptoms, but also to eliminate the cause of the manifestation of the common cold. Depending on the purpose, several of the most effective nasal medications can be identified.

The most effective remedies for the common cold
The most effective remedies for the common cold

Drops for moisturizing the mucous membrane

This group of drugs helps to improve the condition of the mucous membrane. Most of these drugs contain seawater, which is able to effectively flush the nasal cavity, cleanse the mucous membrane and partially relieve inflammation. On their own, these drugs are not able to cure a runny nose, but they are suitable in combination with other drugs, most of which dry out the nasal membrane. The most popular for rinsing the nose are drugs such as "Aqua Maris", "Aqualor" and "Salin". It should also be noted the combined preparation "Rhinorin", the action of which is based on an isotonic solution in combination with benzalkonium chloride, which has an antiseptic effect. The medicine allows you to remove viruses and bacteria from the nasal mucosa, as well as relieve the symptoms of inflammation.

Before choosing a medicine, you should consult with your doctor to choose the right drops of the right group, which will most effectively help in getting rid of the symptoms of the disease.

Vasoconstrictor drugs

Vasoconstrictor drugs are available on the market in various forms, but their action is based on substances such as naphazoline, xylometazoline and oxymetazoline. The cheapest drugs are drugs based on naphazoline, but their duration of action is about 4 hours, after which the congestion repeats. Among the drugs in this group, the least inexpensive and simple "Naftizin" can be noted.

Most often, xylometazoline-based drops are used to relieve symptoms, which can relieve the symptoms of a cold for about 8 hours. Among such drugs, one can note "Xymelin", as well as "Xilen" or "Tizin", which are available in a convenient spray form. The disadvantage of such drugs is rapid addiction, and therefore the therapy of the common cold using these funds should not last more than 7 days. "Oxymetazoline" allows you to relieve the symptoms of a cold for about 10-12 hours, however, drugs based on the substance are even more addictive, and the course of treatment with them should not exceed 5 days.

Among the most balanced and effective means of this group are "Nazivin" or "Nazol".

Other drugs

Grippferon is an antiviral agent that can be used in the treatment of viral colds. The advantage of the drug is the presence of interferon in it, which does not harm the body and helps to get rid of a viral infection. Also, the drug is easily tolerated by children.

You can try to relieve the symptoms of a runny nose with drops of "Pinosol", which, like "Naphthyzin", relieve nasal congestion well, but do not cause addiction due to the absence of a sharp and pronounced vasoconstrictor effect. At the same time, "Pinosol" has an antibacterial effect.

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