How To Stimulate The Heart

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How To Stimulate The Heart
How To Stimulate The Heart

For various disorders of the heart and changes in vascular tone, drug treatment is prescribed. The complex therapy includes drugs that normalize blood circulation and promote the work of the myocardium.

How to stimulate the heart
How to stimulate the heart


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Heart failure is directly related to myocardial dysfunction, which leads to poor circulation. It is caused by organic lesions of the myocardium, heart vessels or valves, violation of regulatory mechanisms. Therefore, in the treatment of heart failure, the action of drugs should be aimed not only at stimulating the myocardium, but also at restoring regulatory mechanisms. For the treatment of violations of the myocardium, the following groups of drugs are used: drugs used in heart failure, in violation of the rhythm of heart contractions, in case of insufficient blood supply to the myocardium.

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Drugs that stimulate the function of the myocardium are subdivided into cardiac glycosides (cardiotonics), drugs of "non-glycosidic" structure. Cardiac glycosides include: "Digoxin", "Strofantin", "Celanid", "Korglikon". The means of non-glycosidic structure include drugs that stimulate β1-adrenergic receptors: "Dobutamine", "Dopamine". Cardiac glycosides are plant-derived substances that have a pronounced cardiotonic effect. The composition of such preparations may include foxglove leaves, adonis herb, lily of the valley herb, strophanthus seeds.

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Cardiac glycosides have been used to stimulate the heart for over 200 years. Currently, they are one of the components of the complex therapy of chronic heart failure. Glycosides improve the work of the myocardium, ensure its economical and efficient activity. These drugs are most often prescribed for heart failure, developing myocardial lesions, with ischemic heart disease, heart rhythm disturbances.

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In addition to providing a direct cardiac stimulating effect, in case of heart failure, it is important to reduce the excessive load on the myocardium and create a gentle mode of its operation. For this purpose, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (Benazepril, Captopril, Zofenopril), angiotensin receptor blockers (Losartan, Valsartan, Irbesartan, Atitakand inhibitors) are included in the drug therapy of chronic heart failure. vasopeptidases, β-adrenergic receptor blockers (Propranolol, Pindolol, Oxprenolol, Metoprolol, Talinolol), aldosterone antagonist Spironolactone and others. These drugs should only be taken as directed by a physician.

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