How To Treat Vascular Genesis

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How To Treat Vascular Genesis
How To Treat Vascular Genesis

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The vascular genesis of the brain includes various disorders of cerebral circulation, strokes. Vascular lesions often cause irreversible consequences (partial or complete paralysis, other disorders of body functions).

How to treat vascular genesis
How to treat vascular genesis

Causes and symptoms of the development of diseases of vascular genesis

The existing risk factors for the development of diseases of vascular origin include emotional stress, arterial hypertension, increased blood glucose levels, obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction, lipid metabolism disorders, meteorological factors, hypodynamia, smoking, head injuries. They also include blood diseases, vasculitis (specific and nonspecific), cerebral aneurysms, heart defects, heart disease with arrhythmias, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypotension, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, vegetative dystonia syndrome.

Diseases of vascular origin can manifest themselves in various forms. It can be a group of transient circulatory disorders of the brain, clogged arteries, ruptured blood vessels, and cerebral hemorrhage (stroke).

The main symptoms of such diseases:

- an episodic or constant increase in blood pressure (pressure from 140 mm Hg), - arrhythmia (an increase in heart rate to 90 or a decrease to 60 beats per minute at rest indicates health problems), - headache, dizziness, - increased fatigue, - difficulties associated with the performance of professional duties, - a sharp decrease in sensitivity, weakness in the limbs.

Treatment of diseases of vascular origin

Therapy of diseases of vascular origin is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of hypertension and atherosclerosis. Indicators of fat metabolism are brought back to normal with the help of special preparations. They are taking medications to normalize blood pressure. For headaches, migraines, "Dihydroergotamine", "Ergotamine", "Sumatriptan" are prescribed, for vegetative dystonia, drugs of the xanthine series can be prescribed. To relieve a headache attack caused by arterial spasm, they take antispasmodics (Papaverine, No-shpa), a-adrenergic blockers (Dihydroergotoxin, Pyroxan, Nicergoline), calcium antagonists (Nimodipine, Nifedipine ").

For headaches caused by venous insufficiency, xanthine preparations will be effective.

For the treatment of diseases of vascular origin, atherosclerotic plaques blocking the vessel are removed. Surgical intervention allows you to replace the affected part of the vessel. To restore the patient, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises are prescribed, which are performed under the supervision of a doctor.

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