Complications Of Cystitis

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Complications Of Cystitis
Complications Of Cystitis

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Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) is a very common disease. In most cases, it affects women due to the structural features of their genitourinary system. If the treatment is not carried out in full, the disease can lead to dangerous complications.

Complications of cystitis
Complications of cystitis

What are the most common complications of cystitis

Some people, unfortunately, do not take cystitis seriously: they say, it's okay, it is very simple to cure such a disease, you just need to drink antibiotics. However, this opinion is erroneous.

Very often, untreated cystitis leads to kidney infection. As a result, a person can develop a number of kidney diseases (for example, pyelonephritis). Most often, such complications occur in young children and the elderly, since it is in them that the symptoms of cystitis may be mild. Therefore, the treatment of the disease may not be started at all or will begin with a significant delay. As a result, the infection will reach the kidney tissue. This disease often occurs during pregnancy. It can be caused by Escherichia coli. Cystitis can occur before menstruation, this signals that a woman has some kind of serious disease of the genitals.

A common complication in cystitis is hematuria, that is, the appearance of blood in the urine. In most cases, the patient is advised to drink more fluids. If this does not help, drug therapy is carried out, but before that, consult your doctor.

In exceptional cases, with significant blood loss, blood transfusion is necessary. Fortunately, this is extremely rare.

A complication of cystitis can be … cystitis

If this disease is not completely cured, it can become chronic. And then the quality of a person's life will deteriorate sharply, since a new exacerbation of the disease can provoke a number of reasons, from slight cooling to a violation of the diet. The patient will be forced to dress warmly in any weather, avoid swimming in water, refuse many of his favorite foods (not to mention alcoholic beverages).

Chronic cystitis is especially dangerous for the fairer sex, since the inflammatory process in the bladder can "spread" to the genitals, and then long-term complex treatment will be required.

A very severe complication of cystitis can be a syndrome of hypersensitivity of the bladder. In another way, this disease is called "interstitial cystitis". In this case, the inflammatory process captures the entire bladder, to the entire depth of its tissues. As a result, it gradually shrinks, sharply decreasing in volume. In the most severe cases, a complex operation will be required to remove the bladder and create a new one from the tissues of the large intestine.

To eliminate the risk of such unpleasant consequences, at the first signs of cystitis, you must consult a doctor and completely undergo a course of treatment. And remember that with cystitis, in no case should you delay urination. Taking frivolity about this disease can be costly.

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