Hair Falls Out: What Vitamins Are Missing?

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Hair Falls Out: What Vitamins Are Missing?
Hair Falls Out: What Vitamins Are Missing?

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There are different causes of hair loss. Most of them boil down to inadequate intake of vitamins. Their absence contributes to fragility and thinning of the hairline, making it more rare.

Hair falls out: what vitamins are missing?
Hair falls out: what vitamins are missing?

The necessary vitamins in sufficient quantities contribute to the process of strengthening hair, protecting it from loss and improving its appearance. As soon as the thinning of the hairline is noted, measures should be taken. So the body gives a sign that it lacks nutrients.

What vitamins are needed

The root cause of hair loss is often a deficiency of B vitamins. In particular, vitamins B5 and B3 ensure the normal development and growth of follicles. If there are not enough of them, the hair thins.

Lack of vitamins C and E entails a weakening of the immune system, which also negatively affects the condition of the hair. To prevent these consequences, you should try to consume more greens and citrus fruits. Frozen semi-finished products of vegetables and berries will be appropriate.

With intense hair loss, there is an acute shortage of vitamin A. Its shortage makes the hairline brittle and dull. The salvation will be the use of chicken and beef liver for lunch. It is also necessary to consume dairy and fermented milk products, cabbage in any form, chicken eggs and tomatoes every day. It is ideal to include fresh apricots in the diet; in their absence, dried fruits will also be useful.

Where else can you get the vitamins you need?

It is best to compensate for their lack through the use of natural products. A pharmacy vitamin complex would be a good alternative. Its reception must be carried out in accordance with certain rules.

Before using medication, you should consult your doctor. Perhaps hair loss is caused not by vitamin deficiency, but by other reasons. Then you will have to undergo an examination and an appropriate course of treatment. When buying a vitamin complex, study its composition for the presence of elements that help against baldness. The course of taking vitamins should cover at least 2 months.

Special hair cosmetics, specially designed to directly combat hair loss, also help. Homemade masks and decoction-based rinses will be helpful. The selection of suitable products should be individualized.

The benefits of synthetic preparations with vitamins for hair loss are obvious. But no medication can be as powerful as eating fresh food. For this reason, their intake can only be temporary, in contrast to a full and varied diet. In combination with the use of herbal infusions for hair care, it allows you to achieve amazing results.

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