10 Reasons Why Your Belly Growls

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10 Reasons Why Your Belly Growls
10 Reasons Why Your Belly Growls

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When the stomach suddenly begins to seethe and rumble, this condition can cause a lot of unpleasant sensations, including provoking emotional discomfort. Before you start to panic, and panic and anxiety can only aggravate the matter, you need to try to figure out why the body behaves this way.

What makes your stomach growl
What makes your stomach growl

There are various reasons for the rumbling and bubbling in the stomach. Among them there are both fairly harmless and serious reasons, which act as a kind of alarming signal. If there is at least a minimal suspicion that the stomach is humming for a reason, if along with this there are any additional unpleasant symptoms (for example, stool disorder), and the condition itself persists for a long time, it is worth seeking the advice of a specialist.

Causes of rumbling in the stomach

  1. Hunger. The urge to eat is the most popular and obvious reason why your stomach starts to growl.
  2. Nerves. Often, against the background of excitement, anxiety or stress, the digestive system begins to behave in an inappropriate manner. One of the most common reactions to nervous tension on the part of the body is the "stomach revolution". In this case, as a rule, there is no soreness, the rumbling in the intestines or stomach quickly stops if you drink a decoction of mint or take any sedative that is sold without a prescription.
  3. Indigestion. During the day, a person can consume a variety of foods and drinks, but not all dishes are combined with each other. Indigestion may cause bloating, gas, and a loud, prolonged rumbling in the abdomen.
  4. Poisoning. With food poisoning, the stomach can rumble, while pain, nausea, and vomiting often occur. You can get poisoned with both food and medicine. With intestinal infections, a situation is also possible when the stomach growls and nothing helps.
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome and other psychosomatic problems. IBS is one of the common reasons why the stomach is constantly rumbling, especially for people who lead a nervous lifestyle and suffer from lack of sleep, insomnia. From the point of view of psychosomatics, seething in the intestines or stomach is provoked by a situation that a person cannot or does not want to accept, is hard to digest and does not assimilate at all, perceives it as something alien.
  6. Lack of nutrients and vitamins. The body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to balance the digestive system. If there are not enough of them, a corresponding reaction arises. A poor diet can also provoke a bubbling stomach.
  7. Drug reaction. Digestive problems, when the stomach begins to rumble, regardless of food intake, are often associated with taking medications. Especially often this occurs in response to a course of antibiotics.
  8. Food allergy. In case of intolerance to any products or components in food, the body may react with rumbling and seething in the stomach or intestines.
  9. Overeating. In some cases, when there is an increased load on the stomach and small intestine, rumbling appears. By the way, diets and excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can also cause this condition.
  10. Certain painful conditions. A rumbling stomach is a symptom for intestinal atony, for diseases of the small intestine (when food moves too quickly through it, not having time to digest normally), stomach ulcers, for the presence of parasites in the body, for dysbiosis. Serious diseases, such as oncological pathologies, can also be accompanied by similar symptoms, however, rumbling in the abdomen in this case is not the basis for such a dangerous diagnosis.

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