How To Strengthen The Vessels Of The Legs

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How To Strengthen The Vessels Of The Legs
How To Strengthen The Vessels Of The Legs

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When the veins in the legs swell, it causes not only aesthetic discomfort, but also pain, and there is also a danger of getting on the operating table. To prevent this from happening, it is worth taking care of your health in advance by taking some measures.

How to strengthen the vessels of the legs
How to strengthen the vessels of the legs

It is necessary

  • - decoction of yarrow
  • - menthol oil or lemon juice


Step 1

To strengthen the vessels of the legs, you need to train them. This requires regular walking, swimming, jogging, or cycling.

Step 2

The blood in the veins should not stagnate, so it is better to periodically raise your legs higher and not sit still for a long time, it is also not recommended to cross your legs.

Step 3

Wearing things that pinch the veins is not good for the legs, blood flow will be inhibited, this applies to items of clothing such as shoes, tights, belts and corsets.

Step 4

The use of special elastic bandages will help to improve blood flow in the legs, wear them if necessary.

Step 5

With a predisposition to varicose veins, baths of herbal decoctions with ice cubes will help, swelling and hum in the legs will quickly disappear. You can wipe the veins with these infusions after a hard day.

Step 6

Swelling of the legs can be relieved by taking a decoction of yarrow. It is easy to prepare it, you need to combine one part of the herb and ten parts of boiling water, let the infusion cool, strain it and take a third of a glass 3 times a day.

Step 7

You can increase immunity and strengthen the blood vessels of the legs with the help of water procedures. Add menthol oil or lemon juice to cold water and immerse your feet in it until mid-calf. Do the same, but with warm water, you get something similar to a contrast shower, in which the vessels expand and contract, and, therefore, train them. Immerse your feet in cold water for the last time, rub them with a hard towel after the procedure.

Step 8

To strengthen your calf muscles, try to do a variety of exercises, bend and straighten your ankles, and rotate your feet in different directions. Good results are obtained by exercise, the meaning of which is reduced to alternate abduction of the legs back, when the feet touch the floor entirely, while the calf muscle is strained and blood flow improves.

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