How To Measure Testosterone Levels

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How To Measure Testosterone Levels
How To Measure Testosterone Levels

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Due to the presence in the human body of the steroid hormone testosterone, men form their inherent sexual characteristics, and also grow and develop muscles and strengthen bones. For women, it is also important to have a certain amount of this hormone. If its level decreases, they experience sudden flushes of blood, sexual desire is lost, sleep is disturbed, irritability appears, etc. Therefore, everyone needs to know and maintain their hormonal balance.

How to measure testosterone levels
How to measure testosterone levels


Step 1

To facilitate the diagnosis of testosterone level determination, specialists have compiled many questionnaires. One of the simplest and most popular is the questionnaire, which consists of 10 basic questions. So, signs of testosterone deficiency in the body are considered: - a decrease in libido; - a weakening of vital energy, lethargy, apathy; - a decrease in strength and endurance; - a decrease in growth; - a decrease in the so-called. "Enjoying life"; - susceptibility to feelings of sadness, irritability; - weakening of erection; - decreased ability to play sports; - the need for an afternoon nap; - deterioration in working capacity. If the first and seventh signs are present, or you feel three other signs in the complex, then a decrease in testosterone levels can be suspected.

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A blood test can more accurately measure testosterone levels. It is impossible to calculate this at home and on your own. This procedure is carried out only in clinics. But even there, the level of testosterone is definitely not determined, since it has the so-called. circadian rhythms, i.e. its amount varies considerably (up to 35%) during the day. Therefore, it is generally accepted to do such analyzes in the morning. And only in men over the age of 60, in whom these rhythms are already significantly disturbed, the timing of the blood sampling procedure does not matter.

Step 3

If you decide to get tested for testosterone, keep in mind that you should not eat anything for at least 8 hours, not smoke, and also exercise or do any hard work during the last 24 hours.

Step 4

The level of this hormone is determined in different laboratories by one of three main methods: a blood test for total testosterone, free testosterone, or available testosterone. The results may vary. The last two methods are best for older men. Total testosterone in men is considered normal in the range from 11 to 33 nmol / l, in women - from 0.24 to 2.7 nmol / l.

Step 5

After the test results are ready, contact your andrologist, who will prescribe treatment for you, if necessary.

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