Diet Food For Overweight Children

Diet Food For Overweight Children
Diet Food For Overweight Children

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Unfortunately, the problem of excess weight is relevant not only for adults and the elderly, but also for children. There are more and more fat children. This may be due to: poor ecology, heredity, endocrine pathologies, lack of outdoor games and with an abundance of temptations to eat something harmful. How to help an overweight baby?

Diet food for overweight children
Diet food for overweight children

First of all, it is necessary to be examined by specialist doctors and find out if any disease caused the weight gain. Often, under the mask of chubby cheeks, a formidable endocrinological disease can be hidden, which parents may not even suspect about. Therefore, an examination is necessary. If the disease is confirmed, doctors will prescribe treatment.

In addition to drugs, the treatment must include a diet. A diet will also help if the child is not overweight from illness. Overweight children should not eat industrial sauces (mayonnaise and ketchup), fat pates and sausages, baked goods, semolina, pasta, sweet sandwich spreads, chips, carbonated drinks and sweets. During the diet, it is better for parents to also refrain from such food and not even buy it in order to avoid temptations for the child and support him in his pursuit of proper nutrition.

The consumption of table salt should also be reduced. In addition, you will have to reconsider the usual methods of culinary processing, giving up frying. It is better to eat food boiled, baked and steamed.

You should think about snacks for the child in advance and stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits so that they are always ready. Eating these foods between meals will not hurt at all, but will only benefit and saturate the body with vitamins and minerals. Breads and low-fat kefir or yogurt are also good snacks.

The baby will need to eat strictly according to the regimen and, preferably, in small portions, fractionally, up to 5 times a day. This is necessary to prevent overeating, as well as to stimulate metabolism and the well-coordinated work of the digestive system.

Fruits, berries and vegetables should take a significant place on the menu. You also need to include in the diet a sufficient amount of indigestible fiber. It contains bran, whole grains, herbs, vegetables, and rough fruits. Fiber fills the stomach and also naturally cleanses the digestive tract. You can additionally buy pharmacy fiber and bran and enter it into food according to the instructions.

To combat obesity, periodic physical activity is required, ideally, it should be daily. It is useful to enroll your child in sports clubs and clubs. Plus, you need walking, jogging, cycling. Swimming is an excellent option if the baby has no health contraindications. It's a good idea to have a dog so that the child can walk it himself.

The main thing to remember for adults is that the child needs the right example of the elders and their support and approval. Only then, in the fight against kilograms, the baby will win.

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