What Nuts Can Pregnant Women Eat?

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What Nuts Can Pregnant Women Eat?
What Nuts Can Pregnant Women Eat?

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The correct diet during the period of bearing a baby is an important factor that affects both the health of the child and the well-being of a woman. That is why pregnant women have many questions about what they can and should not eat.

What nuts can pregnant women eat?
What nuts can pregnant women eat?

Can nuts be used for pregnant women?

If some time ago, experts had a negative attitude towards the use of nuts during pregnancy, then recent studies have shown that a small amount of this product in a woman's diet, on the contrary, is only beneficial. After all, nuts in their composition contain a large amount of useful substances: proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, calcium, B vitamins, etc., which have a beneficial effect on the body. It is worth saying that nuts contain oleic acid, which prevents the development of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

How many and which nuts can a pregnant woman take?

Although nuts are allowed to be consumed during the period of bearing a baby, it is still not worth eating them in unlimited quantities. Pregnant women can eat no more than 50 grams of nuts per day. It is recommended to eat them in crushed form, or chewing thoroughly. Nuts can also be added to various dishes. During pregnancy, experts advise giving preference to such nuts as: cashews, walnuts and pine nuts. They are the most beneficial and contain the nutrients needed during pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman consumes nuts, they must be properly stored. So if they were in a room in high humidity, then they should not be eaten. The fact is that with high humidity, the nuts can become covered with mold, which is unsafe for the health of both a pregnant woman and her baby. Therefore, if the expectant mother has suspicions that something is wrong with the nuts, they have a foreign smell or a suspicious color, then they should be thrown away without regret. It is strictly forbidden to eat spoiled nuts.

Can everyone eat nuts during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, not all mothers-to-be can eat nuts. Experts recommend to stop using this product for those women who are prone to allergies. If the expectant mother really wants nuts, then you can eat several, but not more often 1-2 times a week. In this case, a woman should carefully monitor whether an allergic reaction has appeared.

Pregnant women with problems of the gastrointestinal tract are advised to consult a doctor before adding nuts to their menu. Indeed, nuts contain fiber, which speeds up the work of the intestines. Those women who, after a portion of nuts, begin to experience pain or discomfort in the abdomen, should consult with a specialist and, possibly, exclude this product from the diet.

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