How To Apply Bear Fat

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How To Apply Bear Fat
How To Apply Bear Fat

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At all times, the fat of animals falling into hibernation was especially appreciated in medicine. Bear fat is very effective in treating many diseases. Its exceptional healing properties are attributed to the high concentration of biologically active components. So how do you apply bear fat?

How to apply bear fat
How to apply bear fat


Step 1

Bear fat contains a whole range of acids, vitamins, proteins, minerals, which are also easily absorbed by the human body. Fat is used both for severe lung diseases (tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, the initial stage of cancer), and for achieving a speedy recovery from common colds. For colds, take fat by mouth 3 times a day, one hour before meals. Children need 1 teaspoon, and adults - 1 tablespoon of fat.

Step 2

With tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, a course of treatment is required. During the month, 3 times a day, consume 1-3 tablespoons of melted fat (it melts easily at room temperature). Then take a break for 2-4 weeks. Repeat the course 1-2 more times (until complete recovery).

Step 3

Bear fat is used for colitis, gastritis, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. In this case, it should be used in the same way as for the treatment of the common cold.

Step 4

With all kinds of skin damage (bites, bedsores, burns, gunshot wounds, frostbite), fat is applied in a thin layer to the affected area (for burns, do not bandage, so as not to further injure the sore spot).

Step 5

Bear fat has a good effect in the treatment of joint diseases (arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, osteochondrosis). Sore joints are simply rubbed with molten fat or a compress is applied to the sore spot. Especially effective is the use of fat after a bath or hot bath, when a compress is applied to a heated joint.

Step 6

A good effect is the use of bear fat for the treatment and rapid softening of the larynx and vocal cords. In this case, it can be used only in a warm form, 1-2 tablespoons, depending on the patient's weight (up to 100 kg - 1 spoon, above 100 - 2 tablespoons).

Step 7

Bear fat is successfully used in cosmetology. Cosmetic preparations containing this substance give amazing results in a short time of use. Cosmetic masks made of bear fat are very effective and are especially recommended during bad weather conditions.

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