What Brilliant Green Consists Of And Its Properties

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What Brilliant Green Consists Of And Its Properties
What Brilliant Green Consists Of And Its Properties

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The brilliant green drug is an antiseptic. As it is popularly called - brilliant green, that is, an alcohol solution of brilliant green. It helps a person to cope with various wounds, scratches and abrasions.

What brilliant green consists of and its properties
What brilliant green consists of and its properties

A bit of history

This powder was discovered in Germany for dyeing fabrics. It is a dye and does not contain any plants or minerals. It is synthesized at a chemical plant. And only in the twentieth century it was used in medicine.

Today, brilliant green is practically not used in European and other developed countries, although it is included in the catalog of approved drugs. In Western countries, there is a principle of evidence-based medicine, but the mechanism of action of this dye has not been sufficiently studied, and there are no people willing to conduct further research and invest in an outdated drug.

It found its application mainly only in Russia and some former republics of the Soviet Union.

Composition and receipt of brilliant green

Zelenka is a green liquid with the smell of alcohol. Its composition is very simple: water, ethanol, brilliant green. An alcoholic solution for external use is used in medicine. In Russia, the quality of the antiseptic preparation Brilliant Green is regulated by regulatory documents.

It has not yet been precisely established whether brilliant green has carcinogenic properties, the effect of which on the human body increases the likelihood of tumors.

Get "brilliant green" from the powder by combining it with alcohol. The powder itself is imported from abroad. And already at our pharmaceutical plants they produce a solution of brilliant green. Most often it is 1 - 2% alcohol solution in bottles of 10 ml and above, with a shelf life of two to three years. It has a rich green color. An aqueous solution is also used to wipe the damaged areas of the skin of various kinds of diseases and injuries.


Brilliant green is difficult to dissolve in alcohol, and especially in water. An alcoholic solution is used to disinfect cuts, abrasions, scratches.

Zelenka acts as an antiseptic. In comparison with tincture of an alcoholic solution of iodine, it instantly kills all pathogens and microbes of diseases. It can be used in the treatment of various kinds of fungal diseases and mucous membranes. Brilliant green can be applied to the surface of the skin in 2 or 3 layers. Excessive use of the drug can cause irritation or burns on the skin surface.

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