How To Loosen A Tooth

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How To Loosen A Tooth
How To Loosen A Tooth

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If you or your child's tooth begins to loosen, then before contacting the dentist, try to loosen it so that later the doctor can easily remove it. Baby's milk teeth can fall out on their own, but loose teeth in an adult are a much more serious problem.

How to loosen a tooth
How to loosen a tooth


Step 1

If your baby's baby teeth are loose, make him eat one apple or carrot every day to help ease tooth loss. Make sure your child bites the apple or carrot on the same side as the loose tooth.

Step 2

Use other means as well. Both you and your child (especially if it is a molar) can loosen it with your tongue, unless, of course, this gives you additional discomfort. Never put your fingers in your mouth for this purpose. Firstly, it is unhygienic, secondly, it looks ugly from the outside, and thirdly, your child, noticing how you loosen a tooth, may decide that this is in the order of things and loosen his teeth at his pleasure, especially then, when out of your sight. If your hands are itching to dive into the bowels of your mouth, take a piece of sterile bandage or a napkin, wrap them around your fingers and loosen your teeth until you get bored.

Step 3

Remove the baby tooth yourself if it is already loose enough. Take a strong thread, wrap a loose tooth with one end, and tie the other to the door handle. Take a deep breath several times, counting out loud: "1 … 2 … 3!" and on the count of "3" with a sharp kick, slam the door without moving.

Step 4

Do not eat or drink for two hours. Then rinse your mouth with clean water, take a tablet of "Vikasol", if the blood has not yet clotted (it also happens).

Step 5

See your dentist for molar extraction. If you faint with one kind of dental chair (aside from jokes, this is also not uncommon), take a cotton swab, dip it in ammonia and periodically apply it to your nose while at the doctor's office (but so as not to interfere with it). If the tooth is already well loosened, then you will not even feel how it will be removed for you. If you ignore the visit to the dentist, then in the future, the roots of a loose tooth can fester.

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