How To Take "Hilak Forte"

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How To Take "Hilak Forte"
How To Take "Hilak Forte"

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"Hilak Forte" is a prebiotic agent capable of regulating the ratio of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in the intestine. The drug contains substances formed during the life of normal intestinal microflora.

How to use
How to use


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"Hilak forte" is prescribed for the treatment of dysbiosis that developed after a course of hormones, antibiotics, radiation therapy, or after suffering intestinal infections. The remedy is used for chronic colitis, atrophic gastroenteritis. "Hilak forte" is also prescribed as part of complex therapy for liver and biliary tract diseases, dyspepsia, intestinal dysfunction, and allergic diseases. Analogues of the drug: "Lactulose", "Atsilakt", "Bactisubtil", "Bifinorm", "Bifidumbacterin", "Lactobacterin" Goodlak "," Legendal "," Linex "," Primadophilus "," Normase "," Proteophage "," Probifor "," Enterol "," Romfalak ".

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The drug normalizes and maintains the balance of microflora in the intestine, normalizes acidity in the digestive tract, stimulates the regeneration of the mucous membrane, regulates the water-electrolyte balance in the intestinal lumen. "Hilak Forte" creates optimal conditions for the reproduction of acidophilic bacteria, stimulates its own microorganisms to synthesize vitamins of group B, vitamin K. The drug can be used during antibiotic treatment, since it does not contain ready-made beneficial bacteria, but nutrients for the growth and reproduction of beneficial microflora … "Hilak forte" is available in the form of drops for oral administration.

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Take Hilak Forte before or with meals. Shake the medicine bottle well before use. The drug can be added to water, juice, tea. The course of treatment is, on average, 1 month. Depending on how you feel, it can be extended or reduced. The dosage of the medicine depends on the age. Newborns and children under 2 years old are given 5-10 drops. per 1 kg of weight (2-3 times a day), children aged 2 to 12 years - 20-40 drops. (3 times a day). A single dose for children from 12 years old and for adults is 40-60 caps. (3 times a day). When the condition improves, reduce this amount by 2 times. With an increase in stomach acidity and heartburn, divide the daily dose of the drug by 5-6 times.

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Simultaneous reception with antacid drugs leads to the neutralization of lactic acid, which is part of "Hilak Forte", therefore, its therapeutic effect decreases. To avoid this, drink the medicine no earlier than 2 hours after taking the antacid. It is not recommended to take "Hilak Forte" with milk and dairy products at the same time. The drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance. Its side effects are allergic reactions: itching, rash, hives.

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