What Are The Limitations After Laser Vision Correction

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What Are The Limitations After Laser Vision Correction
What Are The Limitations After Laser Vision Correction

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Laser vision correction will give the best results only if all medical prescriptions are followed in full after the operation. For a while, you will have to follow some lax restrictions.

What are the limitations after laser vision correction
What are the limitations after laser vision correction

It is necessary

Sunglasses, eye drops


Step 1

Follow all your doctor's orders. After the operation, you should not immediately go home. Stay in the hospital for a few hours so that the specialists can observe you and give you valuable advice.

Step 2

Try not to touch your eye. Whenever you want to rub or scratch your eyes, it is best not to do so if you can tolerate it, as any touching can damage you and your eyesight. For 24 hours after the operation, you should not touch the operated eyes at all.

Step 3

Do not drink alcohol while taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor and until the first check-up after treatment. The fact is that antibiotics react to alcohol in such a way that their therapeutic effect is sharply reduced. Immediately after the end of the course, you should not lean on alcoholic beverages until you visit the doctor - he can prolong the treatment.

Step 4

Wear soft contact lenses for a few days after surgery. If you have had surgery using the Lacek or PRK method, your doctor should prescribe you to wear contact lenses. Do not neglect this prescription.

Step 5

Avoid contact with water for three days. You should not wash your hair or even wash your face in order to prevent infection from getting into the operated eyes. Otherwise, you can return to your normal daily life.

Step 6

Drip special drops. You will have to drip special drops every two hours for a whole week after surgery. These drops are based on antibiotics or natural tears. Remember that these drugs should not cause discomfort or discomfort, the feeling of an extra object in the eyes, and even less reduce vision. If you feel uncomfortable, see your doctor urgently for an eye check and a change of medication.

Step 7

Never expose your eyes to mechanical stress. Any rubbing or accidental injury can cause complications after surgery.

Step 8

Avoid direct sunlight. Wear sunglasses for several weeks after your surgery. Exposure to ultraviolet light, including in tanning beds, will harm your eyes. Do not travel to hot countries or mountains for three months after laser correction. Stop driving for several weeks until your eyes become more resistant to sunlight. Also, don't go to the pool and sauna.

Step 9

Do not use makeup for eyes and eyelids. This can result in eye infection or unnecessary irritation.

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