How To Get A Person To Quit Smoking

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How To Get A Person To Quit Smoking
How To Get A Person To Quit Smoking

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An adult can be forced to do something only if he himself wants it or breaks, or pretends to be temporarily broken. Any violence leads to resistance. You can not force to do things, you need to convince a person to want to do it.

Smoking is a type of household addiction
Smoking is a type of household addiction

Quitting smoking means breaking habits, enduring, suffering and enjoying the cigarette smoke of a person smoking next to you, promising yourself, your parents, your friends that there will never be a single puff again and looking for reasons to break your promise. Only people with a very strong will can force themselves to give up an ingrained habit like this.

Smoking is a psychological addiction

A person who quits smoking under pressure from the public can always simply hide from those who were promised and taste the "forbidden fruit", which, as you know, is sweet. The more it is forbidden, the sweeter it is. There is always a reason to take the oath back, even from oneself. The car broke down, the boss shouted, the girl left - any stress becomes an excuse for a new puff.

What to do? How to stop drawing poisonous smoke into your lungs without straining your will, without breaking habits and without making promises?

Electronic Cigarette

It is necessary to separate two different activities. The first is the admission of smoke from smoldering tobacco into the lungs. The second is smoking, like inhaling air with the addition of various fumes, including tobacco. It can even be a simple inhalation or a walk along the highway. Forcing a person to change the inhaled substance is much easier than giving up the addiction altogether.

With an electronic cigarette, you don't have to hide from anyone, promise to quit, suffer from your own weakness. Nobody quits smoking with it, just a person stops inhaling nicotine and exhaling even worse ingredients. You can work with an electronic cigarette, lie in bed and even feed your baby. There are, however, several disadvantages. Pedagogical aspect. The child does not distinguish between smoking and e-pacifier. In his subconscious mind it is postponed that mom or dad can walk around the apartment like this, in his bedroom with a "cigarette". This turns out to be correct and normal.

In addition, the habit of performing a certain ritual remains. Psychologically, a person does not quit smoking. It is impossible to make you quit smoking with an electronic cigarette. The smoker only stops inhaling nicotine.

Do not breathe tobacco smoke

There is a more powerful way to make you want to quit the killing habit. It is necessary to convince the smoker not to inhale the smoke, not to let it into the lungs. The result is the effect of an "electronic cigarette", but with all sorts of territorial and pedagogical restrictions. A smoker goes with colleagues on smoke breaks, “smokes” at a disco and a bar with friends, but nicotine and harmful tar do not enter the body. Smokers call it "not in a lag". He does not announce his decision to anyone, does not hide from anyone and does not justify himself to anyone. The first two weeks he will have to control the work of the muscles of the larynx, but then a reflex is developed, and the body itself automatically puts a barrier to smoke. In a month he will stop going on smoke breaks, in two months he will stop smoking altogether.

Another small psychological aspect. The person is greedy. He doesn't want to lose anything, much less such a comfortable habit. Let the question be not about throwing, but about stopping. There is nothing more permanent than temporary.

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