What To Do If Food Is In The Wrong Throat

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What To Do If Food Is In The Wrong Throat
What To Do If Food Is In The Wrong Throat

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If a person chokes on food, this is a rather dangerous condition that can lead to irreparable consequences. It is important to know what to do if you yourself have choked, and how to help your loved ones in this situation.

What to do if food is in the wrong throat
What to do if food is in the wrong throat

Food got into the airways: your actions

The suffocation that occurs in such cases can lead to loss of consciousness. And when a person “blacks out” and does not regain consciousness within a few minutes, the blood can stop flowing to the brain and death can occur. When a small piece of food gets into the throat, the victim, as a rule, clears his throat himself, without assistance. Remember that coughing is a normal reaction by which the body tries to push a foreign object out of the trachea.

If you choke, take a leisurely breath while straightening, and then exhale vigorously while bending at the waist. This will make it easier for you to clear your throat. You can not pound on the back of someone who has choked: a piece stuck in the throat can sink even deeper and finally block the airways. But if after 2-3 minutes a person still cannot cough up or a large piece of food completely blocked his breathing, it is simply necessary to provide first aid in this situation.

Heimlich method

To understand that there is an immediate threat to life, one can look at a person's appearance: a severely reddened or blue face, convulsive attempts to breathe air. Under such circumstances, you need to call an ambulance and use the Heimlich technique, named after the doctor of medicine who discovered it from the United States.


Approach the choked person from behind and grab his torso.

Press the hand, clenched into a fist, to the victim's stomach (in the area between the ribs and the navel) with the side where the thumb is.

Place the other hand on top of the fist and press it into the stomach with a sharp push towards the diaphragm.

In this case, bend the elbows vigorously, trying not to squeeze the victim in the chest area.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated more than once until breathing is finally restored.

If the person is unconscious:

Lay the victim face up on a horizontal surface and sit astride him at the hips.

Fold your hands one on top of the other and place them on the person's stomach, just below the solar plexus.

Press sharply on the stomach towards the diaphragm, while leaning on it with the whole body.

Repeat several times if necessary.

If the food got into the wrong throat, then the victim regained consciousness, but shortness of breath and cough persists, it is necessary to seek medical help: a foreign body may still remain in the trachea.

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