How To Stop Nausea

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How To Stop Nausea
How To Stop Nausea

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Nausea is an unpleasant condition that is known to almost everyone. It can occur when some neurotransmitters accumulate in the body, which is also observed during pregnancy, poisoning, and certain diseases of the body associated with the accumulation of toxins.

How to stop nausea
How to stop nausea


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The accumulation of toxic substances in the body can be observed both with internal intoxication (with impaired liver and kidney function), and with the use of certain drugs that provoke massive cell destruction (with chemotherapy of various tumors).In order to stop nausea and prevent vomiting, there are several basic principles that can be used for all patients, but it is worth noting the fact that pregnant women should not use medications that suppress nausea. To prevent attacks of nausea, small portions of meals are recommended for all patients so that the body can more easily cope with food.

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If nausea is triggered by motion sickness, then we can recommend the patient a small meal before the trip and the use of special drugs against motion sickness. In this case, drinking cold water in small sips, and deep breathing, and resorption of lozenges will help to cope with nausea.

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If nausea is provoked by poisoning, then it is recommended to stop eating (short-term hunger), take sorbents, as well as therapy aimed at treating toxic infections.

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With nausea, which is provoked by hepatic or renal failure, patients are prescribed fractional meals and a diet with restriction of those foods that can provoke an increase in nausea. Such patients are shown long-term administration of enterosorbents, for example, sorbex, enterosgel, activated carbon, but only a professional and experienced doctor should deal with the treatment of such conditions.

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For nausea caused by chemotherapy used to treat cancer patients, split meals, enterosorbents and special drugs of central action that suppress nausea at the level of the central nervous system are prescribed.

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