Lower Cholesterol Levels Without Medication

Lower Cholesterol Levels Without Medication
Lower Cholesterol Levels Without Medication

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Today everyone knows that excess cholesterol is the enemy for the heart, blood vessels and the body as a whole. A number of drugs have been developed to help control cholesterol. But along with medications, there are several simple rules, following which, you can lower cholesterol levels in the body.

How to lower cholesterol
How to lower cholesterol

Reducing cholesterol levels in the body by natural methods without the use of drugs is possible. At first glance, this may seem daunting, but by following simple rules, you can achieve significant improvements in health.

1. A healthy diet is the best natural remedy for high cholesterol levels. If you suffer from high cholesterol levels, then you simply must switch to proper nutrition. A healthy diet includes vegetables, plenty of fruits, whole grains, and all types of foods that are high in fiber. Introduce these foods into your daily diet. Avoid fatty foods, trans fats, saturated fats.

2. Breakfast is the most important meal you shouldn't miss. If you suffer from high cholesterol levels, then you should start your day with oatmeal. They are rich in fiber, which can fight high cholesterol levels. Also, fiber has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

3. Observe your sleep schedule. It may sound strange, but 7-8 hours of sleep per night can help lower cholesterol levels. A healthy diet and sleep have a profound effect on your well-being.

4. Check the level of vitamin D, this can be done by donating blood. Low vitamin D levels are one of the causes of high cholesterol levels. Vitamin D levels decrease with age. The level of this vitamin can be adjusted by special supplements. Before taking supplements, check with your doctor.

5. Control your blood sugar. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar are correlated (interrelated) with each other. High blood sugar raises cholesterol levels, which can lead to high triglycerides, known as the most dangerous fat in the blood. Thus, by keeping your blood sugar level at an acceptable level, you keep your cholesterol in check.

6. Maintain physical activity, exercise regularly. Exercise will not only lower your cholesterol levels, but will help keep your blood sugar levels normal. Exercise for at least 40 minutes a day.

7. Eat less fat. Avoid foods that are high in fat.

All of the above methods are effective in combating high cholesterol levels. Follow these simple rules and you will get results in the first weeks of their application.

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