How To Insist Nut Septum

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How To Insist Nut Septum
How To Insist Nut Septum

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Walnut is a unique product: it contains alkaloids, steroids, carotene, quinones, tannins, vitamins and other substances valuable for health. Moreover, all this priceless treasure is contained not only in the kernels, but also in the shell, as well as in the partitions of walnuts, therefore they are widely used in folk medicine. So, for example, a healing tincture is prepared from the walnut partitions, which helps in the fight against various ailments.

How to insist nut septum
How to insist nut septum


Step 1

For atherosclerosis, goiter and hypertension, take a water-based infusion of walnut partitions. To prepare the potion, you will need 0.5 cups of crushed partitions and 2 cups of water. Pour the raw materials with freshly boiled water and place the container with the mixture in a water bath for 10-12 minutes, then strain. The infusion prepared according to this recipe resembles strong tea in color. Take the drug by a sip three times a day before meals. Treatment can last from 1 to 3 weeks (prescribed on an individual basis).

Step 2

A tincture made from 300 g of walnuts and a glass of alcohol or wine will help to cope with severe indigestion. Crack the nuts and remove the partitions, then chop them and fill them with alcohol or wine. Insist the mixture for 3 days, then strain. Drink the potion in 6-8 drops diluted with boiled water cooled to a comfortable temperature.

Step 3

If you have joint pain or an inflamed thyroid gland, prepare a tincture according to the following recipe: 1/3 capacity of partitions and 2/3 vodka. Fill the walnut partitions with vodka, then put the dishes in a cool dark place for 10-14 days (the container used should be made of dark glass). Then strain the infusion and take 1 tbsp. before meals 1 time per day.

Step 4

Treat a duodenal ulcer with a tincture made from a glass of boiling water and 4-5 walnut partitions. Pour boiling water over the partitions, leave for an hour (do it in a thermos or wrap the container with the mixture with a terry towel). Then strain the infusion. Drink 70 ml twice a day (in the morning and before bed), diluted with a little milk.

Step 5

For mastopathy or fibroma, prepare a medicine from partitions from 20 walnuts and 100 ml of vodka. Pour the raw materials with vodka and leave for 9-10 days, then strain. Take this drug 15-17 drops three times a day. The treatment course lasts 2 months, then after a ten-day break, continue taking the drug.

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