How To Stop Eating Meat

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How To Stop Eating Meat
How To Stop Eating Meat

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There are more and more people who do not eat meat every year. It's not just about diets or pity for animals, but also the fact that meat products can slag the body and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

How to stop eating meat
How to stop eating meat


Step 1

Don't give up meat products abruptly. Spend a fasting day on kefir, vegetables or fruits. They are rich in fiber, which cleanses the body of everything harmful and unnecessary. Eliminate sausages, sausages, offal, pates, red meat and broths from the diet. At first, allow yourself to eat poultry meat. Fish and dairy products should not be excluded from the diet. This food is called semi-vegetarian. When the body gets used to the new menu a little, stop eating poultry meat.

Step 2

Make sure your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals. Plant food is not able to fully satisfy the human need for certain substances. Meat contains protein, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins B and D. These substances are rich in nuts, legumes, eggs, dairy products, cereals, seafood and soy products. Add them to your diet along with special vitamin and mineral complexes. It is undesirable to completely abandon meat products for children and adolescents, because meat contains protein - the main building material, and it will be difficult for a child's body to replenish the deficiency of nutrients.

Step 3

Prepare varied and interesting meals. The vegetarian menu is boring and monotonous only at first glance. Discover new foods, cook delicious food. To do this, you can purchase a special cookbook with vegetarian recipes and choose from it dishes to your taste and wallet. Use spices and sauces with a bright, rich aroma, they will give food a unique taste and relieve hunger. The best seafood to eat is mussels, crabs and crayfish. They are the richest in iodine and do not contain a large amount of cholesterol.

Step 4

Motivate yourself that by cutting out meat, you will get healthy skin, a lower risk of heart disease, healthier kidneys, wellness, and weight loss. Films about animals, as well as films showing the conditions in which meat is sometimes obtained and how it is then transported and stored, are excellent help to cope with the desire to eat a meat dish.

Step 5

When the urge to eat something meaty is impossible to overcome, indulge yourself with a small piece of steak, chicken breast or meat broth. Remember that it will take your body at least 2 months to get used to the new diet. After this time, the constant feeling of hunger and craving for meat products is significantly dulled. But if after 3 months you feel a decrease in performance, drowsiness, muscle pain and fatigue, give up vegetarianism or consult a doctor who will draw up the correct nutritional plan to compensate for the lack of nutrients.

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