How To Make Labor And Labor Easier

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How To Make Labor And Labor Easier
How To Make Labor And Labor Easier

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Labor pain is a completely natural phenomenon, which indicates that the body is actively preparing for the process of giving birth. At the same time, many pregnant women, especially those expecting their first child, are eager to learn about how to relieve pain during contractions and attempts.

How to make labor and labor easier
How to make labor and labor easier


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There are quite a few methods for relieving pain during childbirth, including medication. Doctors, when assessing a woman's condition, often offer themselves, for example, an epidural anesthesia.

Epidural anesthesia, according to many experts, is quite effective and safe. At the same time, this is a type of medical intervention that has contraindications and complications. It is important to consider that choosing this method of pain relief, some consequences are possible. So, some of the women noted a complete or partial loss of sensitivity in the lower body - they had to push on the advice of doctors, since they themselves could no longer determine when the attempts began and practically lost the ability to monitor the birth process. Therefore, among the possible specific risks with epidural anesthesia are the possibility of an increase in the total duration of the labor process and the need for the use of special instruments, in particular, forceps or a vacuum extractor.

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Experienced obstetricians note that preliminary psychological preparation can play a very important role in the perception of pain during labor. Women who understand the reasons for certain sensations relate to them in a completely different way. These mothers focus on making it easier for their baby to be born, thereby relieving pain. In contrast to them, other women may panic at the first signs of pain, not realizing, for example, that increased discomfort can, in particular, speak of an intense opening of the cervix - and this, in turn, indicates the correct course of the process and active generic activity.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare for childbirth in advance. A woman is advised to study special literature in order to understand at least in general terms what will not happen in the hospital. Doctors of course will help, but, according to experts, a lot, including pain, attitude to pain, depends only on the expectant mother.

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Currently, at antenatal clinics, special courses are organized for pregnant women, where expectant mothers have the opportunity not only to learn about the peculiarities of changes in their body and the first skills of caring for newborns, but also to receive valuable information on how to facilitate childbirth.

Among the most common recommendations are breathing techniques and special postures. For example, during a fight.

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