When You Can Exercise After Childbirth

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When You Can Exercise After Childbirth
When You Can Exercise After Childbirth

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To be or not to be sports after childbirth - this question is often asked by young mothers. Indeed, despite the fact that childbirth is a natural process, it is not worthwhile to abruptly return to an active life after them. And the doctors have already determined for a long time when it is possible to start sports activities and according to what scheme to bring the figure in order.

When you can exercise after childbirth
When you can exercise after childbirth

Sport after childbirth is quite different from what a woman is used to doing before them. He should be as calm as possible, not harsh. The best way to determine when you can start exercising is to listen to yourself and the recommendations of the observing doctor.

When to start exercising

The date of the beginning of sports activities after childbirth is different for each woman. It depends on many different factors. Of great importance is the fact whether the young mother played sports during pregnancy. In addition, if she is a professional athlete, it is possible to start classes earlier after childbirth.

Doctors have their own views on this issue. So, for example, if the birth was natural, and postpartum rehabilitation and recovery are going well, doctors can give the go-ahead for training in 5-6 weeks. In case there was a cesarean, the woman is given 8 weeks to recover.

When deciding on exercise after childbirth, you should carefully listen to yourself. Be sure to focus on your well-being. If you are not feeling well, it is better to postpone classes indefinitely.

Also, a very important point about what kind of sport you can do and what not. For example, it is better to postpone a trip to the gym, because it is not recommended to lift weights and carry out other complex loads.

It is better to start with cardio workouts, especially since they can be easily combined with caring for the baby. So, even a simple walk turns into aerobics. True, on condition that you walk with a stroller, and not sit on a bench. Moreover, you can change the pace and rhythm of the walk - slightly accelerating and slowing down.

You can connect and run. However, again, be sure to focus on your well-being. Movements should not cause you any discomfort. Remember that postpartum sports are only beneficial if they are fun.

Sometimes young mothers are faced with bleeding after exercise. In this case, you must immediately stop all activity and consult a doctor.

Advantages and disadvantages of doing sports after childbirth

There are more advantages to exercising after childbirth than disadvantages. Firstly, the figure is in order, which is quite important for a young mother.

Secondly, even during a simple jog, hormones endorphins are produced in a woman's body, which are also called hormones of happiness or pleasure. As a result, the woman's mood improves markedly and she is less prone to postpartum depression.

Recovery of the body after childbirth with regular exercise is much faster. After all, fabrics are more elastic and prepared.

It is not at all necessary to look for helpers with whom you can leave your baby for the duration of the class. Modern trainers and systems imply that a young mother can play sports with her child. So, there are whole areas that are gaining more and more popularity - yoga with a baby, Pilates, etc.

Among the downsides is the fact that if you exercise too intensely, the taste of milk may change, and the baby will refuse to breastfeed. The adjustment is simple enough - less tension and more light movement.

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