Folk Remedies For Cleansing Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Plaques

Folk Remedies For Cleansing Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Plaques
Folk Remedies For Cleansing Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Plaques

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The resources of the human body are not unlimited, the heart and blood vessels are no exception. With age, a gradual clogging of the arteries begins, and if the situation is aggravated by the consumption of large amounts of fatty foods, the appearance of cholesterol plaques will not take long.

Folk remedies for cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol plaques
Folk remedies for cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol plaques

The reasons for the clogging of blood vessels can be not only old age or poor nutrition. Hereditary factors, bad habits and even stress play a significant role. Blockage of blood vessels can lead to heart attack or stroke, and this is a serious reason to take this risk with full responsibility.

To cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, many methods from traditional medicine are used. So, garlic-lemon infusion is very popular. To prepare it, you need four whole heads of garlic and the same amount of lemons. All this is twisted in a meat grinder, placed in a three-liter jar and filled with warm water.

Cholesterol is able to form in the body not only due to improper nutrition, but also due to diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

The resulting mass should be infused for three days at room temperature, after which the mixture is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. You need to consume this garlic-lemon infusion on an empty stomach one hundred grams at a time, and to complete the entire course of cleansing, you need to drink four such cans.

Another way to cleanse blood vessels using garlic and lemon also involves the use of honey. To prepare this product, a liter of honey is taken, to which freshly squeezed juice of ten lemons and the same amount of garlic heads ground in a meat grinder are added.

All this is infused in a dark place for one week, after which the mixture of honey, garlic and lemon juice is ready for use. For treatment, you need to eat four teaspoons daily until the medicine runs out. It should be noted that this tool is used not only to cleanse blood vessels, but also to prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Of other popular methods of cleansing blood vessels, the use of walnuts is very popular, which also help to cope with clogging of blood vessels. For this, one and a half kilograms of walnuts are taken and passed through a meat grinder. The resulting mass should be stored in the refrigerator, using a tablespoon of nuts in the morning and evening. This number of nuts includes a complete cleansing course.

Alternative Chinese medicine methods are also used to cleanse the blood vessels. One of the most popular such remedies is a special garlic tincture. To prepare it, you need 350 grams of garlic, which are choked with a garlic and filled with 200 grams of alcohol. After this mixture has been infused for several days in a dark place, you can start cleansing.

Proper nutrition is a necessary measure during the purification of blood vessels with folk remedies; fried and fatty foods, alcohol and smoked foods should be excluded from your diet, if possible.

The medicine is taken three times a day, fifteen minutes before meals, starting with a dose of one drop, and with each subsequent dose increasing the dosage by one drop. When the number of drops taken reaches fifteen, the dose should be reduced by one drop until it reaches one drop again.

It will take ten days, and on the last, eleventh day of taking the medicine, all three doses should be the same dosage and be twenty-five drops. This cleansing method is recommended once every six years.It is worth noting that treatment with garlic tincture requires the consumption of a large amount of fluids throughout the course.

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