How To Get Rid Of A Thorn

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How To Get Rid Of A Thorn
How To Get Rid Of A Thorn

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A thorn on the leg is more often formed on the sole itself, it causes pain when walking, like a needle in a shoe. Acute piercing pain interferes with normal movement, the sensations are beyond words. You can get rid of a thorn both at home and in the hospital - a matter of choice. If you decide to wage a "war" with a thorn at home, you can use some simple methods.

How to get rid of a thorn
How to get rid of a thorn


Step 1

Try to get the thorn with tweezers, although this is not always possible. Large thorns are well extracted in this way, leaving only a depression in the skin. If nothing comes out for you, steam your leg in a bowl of hot water (not boiling water), and only then try to get it out. If the spike is still in your leg, try other methods.

Step 2

Take a copper plate and heat it on the stove. Once it has cooled to a temperature that your hand can withstand, quickly apply copper to the spike and wrap a bandage around the affected area. Repeat the procedure every day in the evening until the thorn comes out. After you attach the plate, there may be a strong burning sensation, but you need to be patient a little. Usually the thorn comes out in 3-5 days, but sometimes a little later.

Step 3

Buy Argonica. It contains silver ions, the annotation indicates to dilute the agent, but this is not necessary, there will still be no burn, and the effect will intensify. Steam your leg and drip a few drops of the solution. Then cover the thorn with adhesive tape. Apply the product to the thorn until it comes out by itself.

Step 4

If you are in severe pain, see a surgeon. The doctor will remove the thorn in just a few minutes. You can also burn it out with a laser if you are afraid to go to the surgeon. After surgery, the healing process takes place very quickly. Treating a thorn at home for a long time, and it does not always help.

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