Removing A Thorn On The Leg At Home

Removing A Thorn On The Leg At Home
Removing A Thorn On The Leg At Home

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The barb is a type of skin growth caused by the human papillomavirus. The main area of ​​the lesion is the feet, so there are unpleasant sensations while walking.

Removing the thorns on the leg at home
Removing the thorns on the leg at home

The main reason for the appearance of a barb is weak immunity, which is the result of insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, any disease, frequent stressful situations, etc. As a preventive measure, proper nutrition, lack of contact with sick people, and high-quality foot skin care are used. Increases the risk of infection, injury to the skin, which leads to the rapid multiplication of the virus.

Outwardly, the spine resembles a corn or a wart, but when pressed, a sharp pain occurs. It is not enough to remove the stratum corneum, since the remaining filamentous growths lead to further damage to the feet. With the formation of several spines at once, a merger can occur, which is much more difficult to get rid of.

Of course, when an unpleasant disease appears, you can turn to experienced specialists in the field of dermatology. There are modern methods for removing spines using chemical solutions, liquid nitrogen, radio waves, a laser, and an operating instrument. But you should try traditional medicines, which, when used correctly, give good results.

One common remedy for treating thorns is a mixture of vinegar and onions. To do this, grate the onions, add a little vinegar and stir. Apply the resulting gruel to the affected area of ​​the skin, being careful. It is best to stick on the patch and make a hole in it for the spike. Secure the compress with a bandage and leave overnight. As a rule, after a few procedures, the growth completely disappears.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to steam the skin, this is facilitated by a bath or a hot foot bath.

A slice of garlic, gruel from grated horseradish or raw potatoes have a milder effect. The procedure is carried out similarly to the first recipe and is suitable for people with increased skin sensitivity. Garlic or horseradish compress gives a visible effect after 3-5 days, and when using potato mass, you should be patient, as it will take about 20 nights.

You can get rid of a build-up on the skin with celandine extract or 70% vinegar. Lubricate the nipple surface daily until it begins to shrink. Such treatment requires patience, but leads to the complete disappearance of the problem.

With a large lesion area, it is recommended to try a nettle remedy: scroll the young leaves through a meat grinder, put the masses on a burdock leaf and attach to the soles of the feet. To fix the compress, put on wool socks and go to bed. In the morning, remove the keratinized skin that flakes off along with the filamentous roots.

This product is ideal for children, as it does not cause irritation and discomfort on the skin.

An unusual but effective remedy for the treatment of thorns on the leg is fresh meat. It is necessary to take a small piece of meat that has not been frozen, and rub the growths that appear. After that, bury the meat in the ground. The thorns will start to disappear after the meat rots.

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