How To Lower High Hemoglobin

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How To Lower High Hemoglobin
How To Lower High Hemoglobin

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Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and flushes carbon dioxide out of the body. An increased level of hemoglobin threatens a patient with thrombosis, stroke or heart attack. Therefore, it is imperative to reduce it.

How to lower high hemoglobin
How to lower high hemoglobin


Step 1

Get a complete blood count. A high level of hemoglobin for women is more than 150 g / l and for men more than 170 g / l. If your analysis shows an increased hemoglobin value, try to determine the cause of the disease with your doctor. An increase in hemoglobin may be associated with external factors such as intense physical activity, prolonged hypoxia, stress, excessive smoking. It can also be associated with diseases of the kidneys, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, as a result of which the absorption of vitamin B12 and folic acid into the blood is impaired. After that, deal with the root cause of the disease.

Step 2

Review your diet. Reduce consumption of animal protein, exclude red meat, offal, red berries and fruits, buckwheat porridge, butter. Replace them with legumes, chicken. Products that lower hemoglobin include raw vegetables and fruits, cereals, fresh herbal salads (wood lice, fireweed, and snow). Consume preferable cooked foods. During cooking, most of the fat goes into the broth. Fish and seafood are very useful, since the iodine contained in them strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and polyunsaturated fatty acids make the blood less viscous.

Step 3

Carry out a course of treatment with the use of mummy according to the following scheme: 10 days, 1 tablet at night, a five-day break, repeat the course. Shilajit normalizes the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Do not use alcohol or sleeping pills during this time. Lead an active lifestyle, temper, swim.

Step 4

Choose vitamin-mineral complexes especially carefully. Vitamin B12, copper and iron should be absent in them, and the dose of vitamin C should not exceed 75 mg.

Step 5

As directed by your doctor, start treatment with drugs that thin the blood and normalize clotting, such as Cardiomagnyl, Trental, Curantil, etc. Take them strictly under medical supervision, as they have contraindications and side effects. In rare cases, to reduce hemoglobin, erythrophoresis is performed - a procedure for removing "excess" erythrocytes from the blood.

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