How To Do A Rapid Drug Test

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How To Do A Rapid Drug Test
How To Do A Rapid Drug Test

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The fact of drug use can be established using several methods. These include immunochromatographic, homogeneous enzyme immunoassays, radioimmunoassays. The object of research is urine, blood, hair extracts.

How to do a rapid drug test
How to do a rapid drug test

Rapid drug test

The effect of drug tests is based on the identification of metabolic products of the substance used in a person's biological fluid. The most common is immunochromatographic analysis, which can be done at home. The test system is a paper strip with several protein and chemical compounds. Rapid drug test is done as follows. The strip should be dipped in urine for 5 seconds, removed and wait 5 minutes. If the person has used drugs, a single crossbar will appear in the middle of the test. If two brownish-red cross lines appear, no narcotic substances are contained in the urine. In the event that the dashes are missing, the express test was performed incorrectly, it must be passed again.

With this method, traces of opiates can be detected within five days after a single dose. If you do not know what drug was allegedly used, it is recommended to use the "Multitest", which allows you to identify any of the five most common drugs: marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, morphine (heroin). A rapid test can be positive if the person is taking medications (non-narcotic) drugs. In this case, for a more accurate analysis, the biological fluid must be sent to the laboratory.

Other types of drug tests

A drug test can be done quickly and anonymously in almost every medical center, for this you need to donate blood from a vein. To identify the most common classes of drugs, test systems based on the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay are used. The main reagent of the test is antibodies for each group of narcotic antigens. Radioimmune analysis is carried out using special reagents that are mixed with biological material. Then, after separation of the free and radioactive substances, the samples are measured radiometry.

A blood and urine test should be used if it is necessary to establish the fact of taking drugs within the last 1-4 days. If it is necessary to determine whether a person has taken these substances before, it is recommended to conduct a hair analysis. They can accumulate chemicals, traces of which remain for years. Using this method, you can make a test without the knowledge of the "suspect". For these purposes, hair from the head or other parts of the body is used. It is imperative that the hair is from the very roots.

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