What Will Happen If The Navel Is Untied

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What Will Happen If The Navel Is Untied
What Will Happen If The Navel Is Untied

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The phrase: "Do not strain, otherwise the navel will be untied", probably, at least once in his life any person heard. It was pronounced warningly when someone tried to load an unbearable burden on their shoulders or take on an overly difficult task.

What happens if the navel is untied
What happens if the navel is untied

How the navel is tied in a newborn

A few years ago, immediately after the birth of a child, his navel was tied with silk thread. After this procedure, it was necessary to carefully monitor the baby's hygiene. It was recommended to bathe the baby only after the wound healed, using decoctions of herbs that have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.

To date, the procedure for tying the navel has become somewhat simplified. Now, for this purpose, instead of a thread, a special plastic clip is used, which allows the navel of the newborn to heal in a shorter period. This usually happens even before the baby and mother are discharged from the hospital. After a certain time, the health worker completely painlessly removes the clamp, and the umbilical wound is lubricated with a disinfectant solution until it dries completely and heals. It depends on the accuracy and skill of the obstetrician how the navel of an adult will look later.

Is there a real threat of belly button loosening?

If, instead of a special clothespin for tying the navel of a newborn, you use a thread that will be tied unprofessionally, there is a risk of untiing it. Then the baby may experience life-threatening bleeding, and the outcome of the incident will depend only on the competence of the doctor.

As for an adult, the answer here is unambiguous - the navel will never come loose, because it has grown together, turning into a solid scar. And the lifting of unbearable weights threatens not at all with this mythical disaster, but with the appearance of an umbilical hernia. It can form when the abdominal muscles are too tight. This is a very dangerous condition that threatens death. In this case, only surgery can help.

The cause of an umbilical hernia in babies is an anomaly in the development of the anterior abdominal wall, in which intra-abdominal pressure is greatly increased. This disease in children is diagnosed quite often, sometimes the defect can disappear spontaneously. In other cases, they also resort to surgery.

Sometimes in adulthood, especially in women, an umbilical hernia occurs as a result of a weakening of the umbilical ring.

Another point that can and should be feared is injury to the navel. Usually, navel infection occurs during piercing performed by an illiterate self-taught person, or when using earrings made of low-quality metals. It is also possible accidental damage to the navel with sharp objects, nails. Purulent discharge, blood, redness in the navel are symptoms that should certainly alert a person and force him to see a doctor.

After an accidental injury to the navel, the healing process takes a very long time and is often quite difficult.

Personal hygiene is important

An interesting conclusion was made by American scientists, examining the human body for the presence of microbes using smears. From the results of the analyzes, it follows that there are at least 1.5 thousand of them in the navel. This is the most polluted part of the body.

When taking a shower, you need to thoroughly wash your navel, not being afraid to untie it. Thus, you reduce the number of harmful microorganisms to a minimum.

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