How To Make A Baking Soda Bath

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How To Make A Baking Soda Bath
How To Make A Baking Soda Bath

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The recipes for making soda baths are very simple. However, if you ignore the rules, there will be no benefit. Compliance with the proportions of the components, the temperature regime and the time spent in the bath are important conditions that affect the quality of the procedure.

In a bath with soda, you must immerse yourself to the waist
In a bath with soda, you must immerse yourself to the waist

The benefits of soda baths

The beneficial effect of soda on the human body is due to its ability to absorb fats. When the body is in a hot soda bath, the skin pores open and the process of perspiration accelerates. So the body is cleansed of toxins, toxins and radionuclides, and the body gets rid of extra pounds.

However, baths with soda are famous not only for cleansing and losing weight. They do a number of useful things:

- improving the functioning of the lymphatic and nervous system;

- stabilization of metabolic processes;

- elimination of venous circulation disorders in the lower extremities;

- beneficial effect on the skin.

Rules for taking soda baths

In order for the procedures for taking soda baths to lead only to positive results, it is necessary to follow the rules for their preparation and implementation. For example, if the purpose of taking a bath is to lose weight, the procedure should be performed every other day. The time spent in the bath is 15 - 25 minutes, the number of procedures is 10.

After taking the 10th bath, you should take a 2-month break. Then you can start taking a new course.

As for the temperature of the water in the soda bath, its fluctuations are allowed within 35 - 37 ° C. 200 g of soda is added to a volume of 200 liters of water, but this is done not in the bath itself, but in a container into which several liters of water are poured and soda is dissolved in it. After that, the solution is poured into a bath.

It is better to take a bath with baking soda while sitting, since most of the fat is located on the buttocks, hips and abdomen. If you need to get rid of extra pounds of the upper body, you still should not completely immerse yourself in the bath - it is enough to water problem areas of the body with soda water from a ladle.

The best soda bath recipes

To prepare a soda bath for weight loss, you need to mix 300 g of soda with 500 g of sea salt. The resulting solution is poured into a bath and sat in it for 20 minutes. You can add more sea salt - it will not harm the body. Its concentration will still not be as great as in real seawater.

To prepare a bath to soften the skin, you only need 200 g of baking soda. It is preliminarily diluted in a small amount of hot water, after which the finished solution is combined with clean warm water in a bath.

To prepare an anti-cellulite bath, 200 g of soda and 400 g of sea salt are dissolved in water. Essential oils of lemon and grapefruit or orange and tangerine are added to the resulting composition (2 - 3 drops each).

A few drops of citrus fruit essential oils added to the bath have a positive effect on the state of the nervous system and improve mood.

This aromatic bath should be taken within 15 minutes. There is no need to rinse and wipe the body - it is advisable to just wrap yourself in a terry sheet or towel and go to bed.

Are there any contraindications to baking soda baths?

Whatever the beneficial effect of soda baths, they should not be taken by people suffering from any chronic diseases. Diabetes, pathologies of the heart system, varicose veins, pustular skin diseases, problems in the female genital area and pregnancy are contraindications to taking soda baths.

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