How To Protect The Touch

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How To Protect The Touch
How To Protect The Touch

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Touch is a feeling that allows a person to recognize various objects by touching: their shape, size, surface nature, location in space, etc. With the help of touch, you can feel heat or cold, pressure or pain, know that it is raining or snowing, that the wind is blowing, etc. This is one of the most important feelings inherent in a person.

How to protect the touch
How to protect the touch


Step 1

Since tactile sensitivity primarily depends on the condition of the skin, do not forget about careful skin care, especially those areas of it that are most affected by the external environment. So, dust, dirt, products of combustion of gasoline, gases, various chemicals, etc., get on the skin of the face every day. Women apply makeup every day, use creams, lotions, gels, etc. In addition, sweat glands are constantly working, which secrete certain substances. A mixture of all these components does not have the best effect on the condition of the skin and, as a result, on its sensitivity. Try to keep your skin clean.

Step 2

To maintain normal skin sensitivity to cold, exclude the possibility of frostbite of the hands, feet, face. Dress warmly in winter, wear fur boots and mittens in cold weather. Half an hour before going out into the cold, apply a rich nourishing cream to your face. In the event that it was not possible to save the legs or hands from hypothermia, do not rub the skin with snow, and when entering a warm room, do not immediately use a large temperature contrast for warming (heating devices or hot baths).

Step 3

Avoid touching your fingertips, tongue and lips with very hot objects. after a burn, the sensitivity of the skin in these places will be changed. Take special care of your hands in the kitchen: do not grab heated pots and pans with your hands. And you can taste the dishes being prepared only after they have been cooled.

Step 4

Wear clothes and shoes that are the right size for you. Anything that presses and rubs not only damages the skin and causes pain, but also affects the sense of touch.

Step 5

When you work in a summer cottage, are cleaning or making repairs in an apartment, washing dishes, etc., try to wear gloves on your hands. Abrasions, splinters, wounds and chemical burns are useless if you want to maintain tactile sensations.

Step 6

Body massage contributes to the development of tactile sensitivity. Do not neglect the opportunity to attend professional massage sessions from time to time. And also do stroking, kneading, rubbing, pinching the skin of hands, feet, shoulders, etc. on your own. A washcloth, brush and birch broom in the shower or bath will also have a beneficial effect on your skin.

Step 7

Touch impairment can be associated with various diseases of internal organs, lesions of the central nervous system and the spinal cord trunk. This symptom helps doctors make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. When the disease is healed, the normal sense of touch is restored.

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