What Foods Help With Heartburn

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What Foods Help With Heartburn
What Foods Help With Heartburn

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You can get rid of heartburn not only with the help of drugs. Well-known food products will help neutralize the burning sensation, increased acidity. But if heartburn often bothers you, you need to rely not only on folk remedies, see your doctor to find out the cause of the ailment.

What foods help with heartburn
What foods help with heartburn

Most often, heartburn occurs with overeating, excessive physical exertion. Also, an ailment can occur when eating too fatty foods that the human digestive system cannot digest. This phenomenon often worries pregnant women, people with stomach ulcers, and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Taking certain medications can also provoke increased acidity.

Heartburn products

To forget about heartburn will help not only the well-known soda diluted in warm water, but also potato juice. However, it is necessary to drink it in courses, always before breakfast. This popular method involves taking a glass of potato juice on an empty stomach. You can have breakfast with your usual food in an hour.

The method of taking ginger root against heartburn is also effective. This product quickly extinguishes the “fire” in the stomach. To overcome heartburn, it is enough to take no more than four grams of fresh ginger in chopped form per day.

Applesauce is also good at reducing acidity. The main plus of the delicacy is that you can eat it as much as you like, apples contain a lot of fiber and vitamins.

What to eat with heartburn

Taking oatmeal will help calm the stomach. It is advisable to choose oatmeal boiled in water. After a hearty breakfast, you can also eat a banana, it relieves the digestive system of excess gastric juice.

Mint infusion will help to get rid of heartburn. A tasty drink should be brewed like ordinary herbal tea, taking a teaspoon of raw materials in a glass of boiling water. Mint infusion can be sweetened with honey and drunk at any time of the day.

In the diet with frequent manifestations of heartburn, it is recommended to include more foods with alkaline properties. These include cottage cheese, boiled eggs, cream, baked or boiled vegetables and fruits, vegetable oil. It is necessary to remove from the menu all spicy foods, fatty meats, smoked meats, sour fruits, black bread, carbonated drinks, coffee.

Do not forget that with heartburn, it is advisable to eat food often and in small portions, do not overload the stomach and do not overuse snacks. In between breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is allowed to eat a handful of dried fruits, nuts, such as almonds, are useful for heartburn.

Will help with heartburn and grandmother's advice - the use of warm milk, grated carrots. You need to drink milk in small sips. You can replace this drink with kefir.

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