What You Need To Eat To Strengthen Your Hair

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What You Need To Eat To Strengthen Your Hair
What You Need To Eat To Strengthen Your Hair

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The diet for hair improvement is based on foods rich in iron and calcium. These include leafy vegetables, seaweed, and other sources of vitamins.

What you need to eat to strengthen your hair
What you need to eat to strengthen your hair

General recommendations

First of all, it should be noted that doctors do not recommend getting too carried away with all kinds of dietary supplements, despite the fact that their manufacturers promise an immediate positive effect. Poorly selected dietary supplements can cause a reverse reaction In some cases, an excess of vitamins can lead to weakening or even hair loss. Experts recommend adhering to a simple diet, in which the necessary substances should be present, use proven vitamins and refuse dietary supplements.

Fish, beans, nuts

One of the healthiest foods is oily fish like salmon. It contains an impressive amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are important for the health of the entire body. In particular for the scalp. Lack of these acids often leads to dry skin and visible hair loss. Fatty fish is a source of proteins, iron, vitamin B12. These components affect the condition of the hair. If you don't eat fish for some reason, be sure to include flaxseed oil in your diet, as it is a source of omega-3 acids.

All kinds of green vegetables are a great option for those who care about the condition of their hair. Spinach, broccoli, beetroot contain vitamins C and A, they contribute to the production of sebum. Sebum acts as a natural leave-in hair conditioner. Vegetables provide the body with iron and calcium, which are essential for hair.

Beans, lentils, and kidney beans are important for improving hair. They are a source of proteins, zinc, iron and a substance called biotin. Sometimes brittleness, brittleness and lack of shine of hair is caused by a lack of biotin. Health experts recommend eating three or more servings of beans, beans, or lentils per week.

To strengthen your hair, you need to eat nuts. And there are them regularly. One of the richest natural sources of selenium (a trace mineral that helps to strengthen hair) is Brazil nut. And walnuts, for example, contain impressive amounts of alpha-linolenic acid. It belongs to the omega-3 fatty acids. Pecans, cashews, almonds are rich in zinc. It is zinc deficiency that often causes hair loss.

Whole grains (in the form of bread or flakes) are a source of vitamins and minerals that seriously strengthen hair and improve its general condition. This is mainly due to the fact that whole grains contain iron, zinc and an impressive amount of a variety of B vitamins.

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